Sunday, August 24, 2008

Time After Time (Cover) by Space Blaze

Remember the 'secret' I told you about?

We finally finished it! Wooo hooo!!

Listen to it and tell me what you think! =D And if you like it, spread it around and tell your friends to tell us what they think! Ok, even if you didn't like it, please tell us too, so we can improve.

Like I said before, it's not really a secret, it's just that we wanted to surprise everyone with what we've learned about making our own recording, and of course, *ahem*, our musical skills as well. LOL!

I know the sound isn't really that great, but honestly we did the best we could with the equipment we had. We used a cheap, non-condenser mic, a simple recording software, without even a sound card, which I think we're gonna have to get after this...

So anyway, we did the best we could with the sound and the mixing, but I think the actual music itself is really, really good! =) I'm proud of us, because I really like our arrangement. And I'm especially proud of Lone, coz he did all the music himself, the drums, the bass, the many guitar layers, and he did the mixing really well considering the equipment we have. And trust me, of all the things we had to do, the mixing was the hardest! And part of the reason why we took so much time to do this one song too, because we kept having to re-do some parts becoz of the way the sounds turned out.

I, on the other hand, did all the vocals, the main and a few layers of backup vocals. And *ahem*... if I didn't sound good, I blame it on the mic! LOL!

Ok ok! The truth is, I'm surprised at how different it is singing on a recording and singing live, and how much harder in fact. And as I've said before, I'm no Christina or Mariah, so please do forgive my not-so-good singing, but seriously, the mic does play an important part in the vocal sound quality!

But hey, this is just for now anyway, and it's not like we're recording a CD or anything, this is just to get our music 'on tape', and maybe later when we can afford all the ridiculously expensive but extremely high-quality equipment, we'll record it again. And hopefully by then, I will have improve a lot more on my singing, and then *everything* will sound really good. =D

So tell me what you think!

P.S. Btw, if you're wondering how we got the name Space Blaze, Lone and I decided that we would each think of one word and combine them. We each have personal attachments to our words, and they sorta go together well, don't you think, with their rhyming sounds. =D

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Redemption and Weddings

I haven't blogged in a while, but there's a perfectly good reason for that. =)

Redemption is BACK!


And um... we've been spending a lot of time with them. =) Which means really late nights and sleeping at dawn and waking up after noon.

Not healthy for me, I know, but we don't do it *that* often.... sort of.

Anywayyyy..... Redemption is back! And better than ever! Seriously! They have really improved since the last time we saw them perform, which was more than a year ago.

So if anyone is interested in listening to really good live music and having lots of fun, make sure you head over to Hard Rock Cafe this August. Ok?? We'll probably be there more often than not. =D

We've gotten lots of pictures, but as usual, they're with Lone, so you'll have to wait for them. We also celebrated Charmin's birthday last Saturday in Hard Rock, so you'll see those pictures too. And Ee Won and Jeremy's marriage registration was on Monday, so you'll see those pictures as well!

Did I mention that I'm so thrilled for the both of them?! They make a really great couple and are so soooo sweet. Ee Won has one of the most charming personalities I know! And Jeremy is great fun and really good to her. *Envy*

Ok, not really, coz Lone is really great to me too. =)

Actually, I feel that us girls have been really lucky, because we've got great guys who are really, really wonderful to us, care about us, love us a lot, and give us everything we want and need... We hardly ever complain about them, or if we do it's just for fun, and the best thing is, there's no DRAMA! =P No screaming matches, no third parties, no crying all night, no drama!

But there's so much excitement! Wedding plans, and fun nights out, places to go, and people to meet, wonderful and interesting conversation, games and laughter. So much fun! And no drama!

This is the life! And I am so extremely happy and grateful that Lone loves me. =D

Anyway, EW and Jeremy's wedding is this October. So thrilled, so thrilled!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Raising the Bar

I was just reading a book about PR, and there was a section about raising the bar; improving yourself and becoming better and better as you go.

People who've talked to me about this before knows what I always say. It doesn't matter if you're 'not as good' as your competitor or your peers or whoever when you start off, as long as you have the attitude of improvement.

What I mean is, you could be the last in your class, and everyone could be well ahead of you, but if they stay where they are, while you keep on moving forward, pretty soon, you'd be well ahead of them!

Life isn't stagnant, it keeps moving, everything in life is progressing, and when it comes to technology and science and those kinda things, we all know it because it can be so clearly seen. But it also applies to personal development, and the problem with most people is that they don't realize this.

How many people you know never grow personally, even as a child to an adult? You see the difference in them as they become less childish and more serious, but that doesn't mean they've grown up. In fact, it probably means they're more immature than ever.

There's a difference between being childish and immature, by the way. You can be childish and yet very mature, and being serious doesn't make you a mature person. I personally, will never stop being childish, because OMG, life is fun! As it should be. =D

Anyway, I digress again.

As I was saying: personal progress, raising the bar, being better than you were before...

Nobody's perfect, and nobody could ever be perfect, and if that's the case, then that means that we can always improve. Everyday, all the time. I've said this before also, that my own personal goal is to be better today than I was yesterday, and be better tomorrow than I am today. It doesn't matter how little I improve, or in whatever department or aspect of my life, as long as I am better than before.

And with this attitude, even if I compare myself with millionaires my age, I know eventually I'll catch up to them, unless of course, they improve too. =)

As I've said, I don't really compare much, just sometimes it's necessary to compare to know where you are, but I never let it get me down if I think I'm not doing as well as others, because I know for a fact, that I will get better.

Some people reach a certain level and they believe they're so good that it's not necessary to improve anymore, some people don't even know it's possible to improve. So they stagnate, and fall behind when others move ahead, but they still believe they're the best because they've fostered their beliefs for so long and it's hard to accept anything else.

I know a couple of people like that. People whom I used to respect, and whom I learned so much from because they *were* the best. Years ago, they were my teachers, my masters, my gurus, my sifus. But I've continued growing, and they've stopped, and as a result they've actually moved backward. So the student has become better than the teacher. But the problem with the teacher is that they are no longer teachers but they can't accept the fact because they've been the teachers for so long, it's hard not to teach anymore.

My problem with them is that I wouldn't mind them continuing to teach, if they had something new to teach, but they don't, and they don't want to improve either, while the world around them is improving.

Imagine that you're using the latest, newest, highest technology computer, and the manual you got with it is for those old computers we used to use 10 years ago. Imagine if the technician insisted that you learn to use your new computer with the old manual.

Things change, the world is moving forward, you need to change and move forward with it, or else you're going to be left behind.

So... raise the bar, keep on growing, keep learning, keep improving yourself, it's a never-ending lifelong quest.

Wedding Venue

It's not easy trying to keep up with everything, and yet I still insist on doing so.

I could make life easier for myself by giving up on certain things, but I won't, because some things I'm just not willing to give up on.

Of course, sometimes things get backed up, and right now at the moment I have so many things in the pipeline just waiting to be done, and all I can do is take one thing at a time and finish one task at a time.

I think I'm doing pretty well, in fact. As well as can be, considering everything. =)

Lone and I have decided on next year December for our wedding, but we haven't found a venue yet. We don't want hotels or Chinese restaurants. Anyone has any suggestions for us?