Saturday, June 28, 2008

Betty and Veronica

A couple of days ago, Lone and I had a conversation that tickled me to the bone, because I'm a big fan of the Archie comics. *grin*

So you see, Lone and I were talking about names, and I said I loved female names that could be shortened into masculine names, ei. Joe for Josephine, Sam for Samantha, and etc.

Then Lone mentioned his sister-in-law, as in his brother's wife, who went by the name of Ron, short for Veronica.

And since my name is Betty and I love the Archie comics, I always look for connections between myself and girls named Veronica.

I went, how nice, Betty and Veronica ends up marrying brothers (Lone and his brother). And then I said, if only your names were Archie.

And then, I stopped. And Lone looked at me, and I started laughing like a madwoman! Because I realized that their surname was Chu, as in Ah Chu (Archie)!!!!!

So Betty and Veronica both married Archie!!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!

The best part is, I've always wanted a resolution in the age-old question of who Archie marries in the end, and it is *never* ever answered! And now that *both* Betty and Veronica marries Archie, I guess God just doesn't want to give us the answer. LOLOLOL!!!!

I'm so lame.

New bookblog look

I just spent almost 4 hours trying to fix my book blog!

It's been acting up the last couple of days... taking a long time to load and etc, so I've been troubleshooting trying to figure out what's wrong with it, fixing things here and there. Apparently, it's the template server, so I changed the template.

I wasn't happy with it though, coz it was too *white*, so I added a gray background. But it's still really *white*, and I wanted to change the sidebar's color. It seems the original sidebar design has the sections in gray boxes, but it doesn't turn up here.... I'm still wondering how to fix it.

Sigh... I wish I was smarter with html coding. I only just barely know the basics.

And I'm really, really tired now, so I'll try again tomorrow. Maybe.

Good night!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


After my tirade yesterday, I tired myself out with all the stressing and worrying, so I decided no more negative thoughts!

I will block all negative thoughts and people from my life.

And become Zen-like....

And boring...


Ok, not really. I will definitely not become Zen-like, but I will try to be as positive and exciting as I can. I mean, who says that positive people can't be interesting? =P

Imagine my new-found positivity causing me to win a lottery of 10 million dollars!! Woo hoo!! I bet I won't be boring anymore! LOL!

Especially since I don't buy lottery tickets, so winning a 10 million dollar lottery would definitely be interesting.

Anyway...I digress, as usual.

What I want to do today, is list up 10 things that I'm grateful for. So here they are:

  1. I am grateful for the most wonderful-est, special-est, talented-est, loving-est, romantic-est, fiance in the whole wide world!
  2. I am grateful for a family that love me and only want the best for me.
  3. I am grateful that I have a brilliant brain that enables me to learn more and improve everyday of my life.
  4. I am grateful for all the wealth and opportunities that come my way everyday.
  5. I am grateful for the growth and progress of our business that we love and enjoy.
  6. I am grateful for having the best friends a girl could have.
  7. I am grateful for all the books I've read that have contributed in making me who I am today.
  8. I am grateful for having the opportunity to meet such inspiring people and wonderful new friends.
  9. I am grateful for the two wonderful puppies that constantly brighten up my days.
  10. I am grateful for my skills and talents, and the ability to be able to realize their potentials.
Well, actually I have a lot more to be grateful for, but some of them are too detailed.

Bottom line is, I have a wonderful, wonderful life, filled to the brim with wonderful things. And even though sometimes it seems that they may overflow, I love everything I have, everyday I live. And I honestly feel so lucky, so amazed, that all my dreams are coming true.

(in zen pose)*bliss*


Enough already!

Every time I start to relax, I'm reminded that I have too many things to do.

My father has been pressuring me about my health studies, asking me why am I doing it so slow, and yet at the same time acknowledging that I'm doing it part-time...

He really confuses me sometimes...

I told him I have a *lot* of things to do, not just study. I'm working with Lone to build up our business, and I'm working constantly on several side businesses as well, not to mention working on making my dreams come true (which involve a lot of foundation work that doesn't show immediate results).

Not to mention a lot of personal stuff that I need to get done as well... My library still needs to be organized, I get sent on household errands a lot (just because I work at home! Arrghh!), and Lone and I are just only starting to organize for our big day next year.

Oh, yes, we're getting married, by the way. =)

Anyway, more on that later, nothing much to say about it now, since we're only just planning about the planning.

So yeah, apparently I'm too slow in my *part-time* studies, and I need to prioritize. Um...I *do* prioritize.

I love studying health and I'm really into my course, but building up our business is much more important now, since we need to earn more money for our wedding and our future, which of course, means that building up my other side businesses is also more important.

That doesn't mean that I'm not studying!

It will kill me if I have to do this, but I may have to put aside my dreams! (because I have nobody to answer to except myself when it comes to my own personal dreams, but they *should* be at the highest priority, shouldn't they?) so that I can spend more time with our businesses and with my studies.

I'm not slow! I'm just not fast. =P

And I'm unwilling to give anything up! I want it all!

Yes, I want to have my cake and eat it too, and I want to be able to do all the things I want to do, because they are all important to me!

I just need everyone to stop with the pressure! I'm doing the best I can!

I love studying, and if I wasn't doing my course now, I will eventually take it up again in the future. But we've already paid, and I'm committed to it, and I'm enjoying it! I just need to be able to go my own pace!

Because truth be told, out of everything I'm doing now, studying is the least important. And if I really *have* to give up something, I would prefer that studying be it.

But it is still important, and I am still committed, and I want to do it! But I want to do it MY WAY! Even my college isn't pressuring me about my pace! It's a self-paced course and I have 5 years to finish it, and they recognize that we're doing it part-time.

I try to allow myself to relax, because I'm so busy and feel so guilty if I'm not doing something productive 24 hours a day that sometimes I'm afraid I may go crazy.

And I hate it that my work goes unrecognized by everyone except Lone, just because I work *mostly* at home.



I need a holiday...=(

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dallas & Melina Wedding 14 June 2008

Here are the pix you've all been waiting for!! (If you haven't already seen them in facebook, that is...)

This is my favorite pre-wedding pic of theirs, don't you think they look great?

I love her smile here.

The beautiful Bufori!

The family toast! Mel's parents, the happy couple, my parents, and me.

My beautiful parents

Grace and me

My wonderful, wonderful friends and me

My dearest and me

Click on the pictures if you want to enlarge them. I'm sorry I don't have more, but Lone was busy with Heng Tai duties that night and only managed to take a few pix here and there, the official pix from the hired photographer aren't out yet, so I'll post again when they are. =)

Lurve the new look!

I've been meaning to change my layout for a while now, but I've been too lazy to.

Well, I finally did it! In the theme of LOVE, because my brother's newly married and LOVE is in the air!

I thought it would be good to post up pictures of my brother's wedding on my blog with this new theme, so now that it's done, the pix are coming up next!

Stay tuned! =)

Nothing yet

I haven't recovered yet!

I'm still too tired out to post about my brother's wedding, though I'm well enough to say that it was wonderful and really, really, touching. =)

I don't really have the any of the pix anyway, coz Lone still has my camera. =P Ok, he's actually posted up the pix in facebook, but I'm too lazy to link to them now, and anyway, it's more fun posting them up here. But I'm too tired now. =P

Soooooo......... be patient.

On another note, I loved the hairdo that the hairstylist did for me for my brother's wedding so much that I went to perm my hair Sunday after the wedding!

I'm impulsive like that. Though not really.

I spend months and months playing with the idea of cutting/dyeing/perming/whatever-ing my hair, and then one day when I decide that I should, I do it immediately.

Gives my boring life the illusion of being exciting.

Ok, that's it for now.

Too lazy to say much more. =P

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Saturday's event

So my brother's wedding is this Saturday, how fast time flies... =)

Everything is mostly done, there's just a couple of last minute stuff I have to get done in the next couple of days. And then, on Friday night/Saturday, it's just going with the flow (probably a really heavy current) all the way.

We're all going to be exhausted, but I'm pretty sure we're all going to be really glad to have gotten it all over with, and then life can get back to normal. LOL!

Well...until it starts all over again.

Anyway... my own personal pledge to myself, after Saturday's over, I'm going to take one full day off, no studies, no working, no business, nothing! Except just laying in bed and reading fairy-tales. No non-fiction! =P

Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Incredible Lightness of Being

Ok, ok... I know! I haven't blogged much lately, and what I have blogged about are either so boring that you read them as bedtime stories, or so meaningless that you wonder why I even bother.

Sigh... =(


Truth is, it's not that I don't have anything to say... I have a LOT to say, but most of them can't be said here. Because it is a public blog and I have no idea who's reading it (yes, I have a lot of bitchy things to say about *you* if you're reading my blog! You know who you are!) (Ok, that was a joke, I have better things to do that to complain about people I don't care about in my blog =P), and because the things I have to say will probably be confusing (and more than a little off-putting) to the people who don't know the backstory about me/my life/my beliefs/my experiences.

So that's why I don't say them here, and have been saying them instead in another private blog I have. (Did I ever mention before that I least eight(!) different blogs?)

Muahhahahha! You guys have only been reading what I've wanted you to read!

Oh, nevermind, ignore that last sentence... obviously, I have not taken my medicine today. =P

Anyway, being serious now, the last couple of days have been *intensely* introspective for me. Not as intense as it could still go, because I've taken some breaks, but it's as intense as I've ever been. I've been doing some releasing from past problems, letting myself feel the residual anger/sadness/bad feelings, letting go of them, analyzing the way I felt, who I was and why I acted the ways I did, and what I learned from the past, how I can improve myself now...etc.

I'm definitely not done yet. I am a *very* analytical person, and trust me, I get hooked on one single scenario, and I analyze it to death in a hundred different ways! I'm still stuck on one topic in all the last couple of days I've been doing it. It's fun! (And scary!) But I also gotta be careful that I don't neglect the other issues that I haven't covered yet and not stick to one too long.

It's too soon to tell if it is actually helping me, but I'm eager to continue ahead and see.

On the same note, but a slightly different angle, I've also been doing some 'future' stuff too (as opposed to releasing past problems, this is more of a 'how do I know I'm on the right path' thing).
I'm amazed by how much insight I gain from these sessions!

One thing I have to admit, I am more of a 'thinker' than a 'doer'. I plan, and talk, and discuss, and analyze, and strategize about how I can achieve a certain thing, when I should've just gone ahead and get it done instead. It is one of my biggest weakness, and the one that keeps me from moving ahead.

At the same time, I have also read a lot of books on wisdom, from wise gurus and such, about how we are a people who are so focus on 'doing', 'doing', 'doing', that we never just let ourselves 'BE', and that sometimes we should stop doing so much for a change and just BE. So like every other student of wisdom, I misinterpreted the above to mean what I wanted it to mean. I became passive and introspective and quiet and (inhales deep knowing breaths) just 'BE'd'.

Well, it didn't work too well for me, and I completely didn't realize that this was what I was doing. Not until yesterday when I had a meditative session with my higher self, and she told me how naive and wrong and unwise I was (ok, not in those words exactly...LOL!).

So anyway, what she said that really made me realized how wrong I was, and I'm just paraphrasing here, was that "Before you can 'be', you first have to 'do'!"

And she was right!

I was so focused on be-ing a more enlightened 'BE-ing', that I have forgotten I need to DO! I was so intent on getting to the 100th floor, that I forgot that I first have to go through floors 1 through 99! I had no idea that I had incorporated this false teaching of 'Being' into my daily life and that it was impeding my progress.

Elaborating further, as an example; if I wanted to 'be' a singer, first I must 'do' the singing, then *maybe* I can 'be' a singer, because you don't automatically become a singer just because you 'do' the singing, as many karaoke singers know well =P, but you definitely for sure can't BE a singer, if you're not willing to DO the singing.

So if I want to be successful, I've got to DO the things that will make me BE successful, not just 'think positive and you will be successful'. If I want to be wealthy, I've got to DO the things that help me achieve wealth. And etc.

Perhaps to most of you 'doers' this must seem painfully obvious and you probably think I must be really quite unsmart to not know this in the first place.

Please, in my defence, remember that I am a 'thinker' more than a 'doer' first and foremost because I am a lazy, procrastinating, pig, and any excuse I can think of to not DO what I need to DO, especially if it's in the name of higher 'wisdom', I will use shamelessly.

I am quite content to spend my whole life as a thinker and never bother to do anything ever! If it wasn't for the fact that this attitude is unhealthy and incredibly limiting, and extremely hazardous to my progress in life!

Improvement is important to me. Progress is important to me. Achieving my dreams is important to me. BEING the highest form of BEING I can be is so terribly important to me. And to achieve all these, first I have to get off my butt, and DO the things I need to DO, so that I can BE what I want to BE.

So laugh at me if you want, just because I may have been a little bit slow in getting this. But just remember one thing, you may have starting DOING long before I did, but ask yourself, are the things you are DOing going to make you the person that you really want to BE? Or are you just merely mindlessly doing them, and BEcoming someone you never intended to BE and forgetting the person you originally wanted to BE?

There! I've said a lot! This blog post should last you weeks! (It really should! Coz you should really be thinking about that last question! =P)