Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My First Foie Gras!

I was in Singapore on Mother's day last month, and this month I was in Bangkok on Father's day, so I didn't really get to celebrate those days with my parents properly.

So I decided to treat them this past Sunday, to a very delicious French dinner at Le Bouchon in KL, as our own personal Parent's day!

I had an ulterior motive of course, I wanted to eat foie gras! Foie gras, which I had heard so much about, but never tasted.

You can imagine the anticipation.

I was kinda worried that I'd build my expectations up too high, after everything I've heard about it, and that it might not taste as good as everyone has been saying. But oh, let me tell you...it was absolutely heaven!

How do I even begin to describe it? It's almost like...like catching snowflakes in your mouth and letting them dissolve on your tongue but not quite.... coz the foie gras isn't snow, nor is it cold... but oh... I can't describe it! You need to taste it for yourself!

It's like seeing music or tasting color, you feel the foie gras with your whole body, not just the tongue, and all of your senses open up and you experience something so wonderfully... orgasmic.


Will you just look at it? It's making me salivate right now... It looks so good, but the taste! Oh, the taste!

I ordered lamb for the main course, which by the way, was also really estatically delicious! I have so spoilt myself for other foods now... It was the 'tender-est' lamb I have ever tasted.
My dad ordered the beef with foie gras, which was just as delicious and the most 'tender-est' beef I've ever tasted!
My mum got the salmon, which was pretty good too. I don't like cooked salmon though, so I didn't really pay much attention to it. But it was good! For salmon. ;P

It was a very, very satisfying dinner, and although really expensive, it was so worth it!

And of course, I had the best company ever. My parents!!

HAPPY PARENTS' DAY!! You guys are the bestest, bestest parents any girl could ever wish for!! Muah!! Love you sooooooo much!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fishing in Bangkok

Sorry for the slow update with the Bangkok pix, guys! I know you're looking forward to the fishing pix, so here they are!

The place was great, it's called BungSamRan, just so you know if you ever decide to go to Bangkok to fish.

Just look at the environment and the scenery, isn't it beautiful?

This was how the cabin we were fishing in looked like. So comfy!

Preparing the bait! There's a technique to it that I can't follow.

My first catch! Look at the rod curve!

Intense concentration...I'm realising that it's much harder than I thought!

This really isn't easy!

Finally landed him! The giant mekong catfish! 17kg, guys!

My second catch!

Soooooo tired, look at my expression!

This giant has brought me to my knees... But look! You can see him! I almost got him!

Finally....after much sweating!

Got a couple more.... with a lot of grunting and sweating and muscle aching...

My biggest catch! 19kg! My parents 'tumpang glamour' taking the pic of the fish with me, and let me tell you, this one was spunky....this one gave me the most difficult time of all, and even after I finally landed him, he was trashing about so violently that we didn't dare take another pic of him.

Anyway, I know I said I was gonna catch at least 8...but it really was so much harder than I thought! And I'm so much more out of shape than I thought!
It's really sobering to know that I'm such a weakling! I've got to get more exercise and build up some muscles! I'm so dissatisfied that I only got 4 and a half (the last one finally defeated me!) before my body protested so badly that I just had to stop!
Every single muscle was aching! My arms, my legs, my back, my stomach.... And my fingers were numb! Literally! I couldn't feel them for hours! They hurt to the bones even until the next day!
I'm addicted though. I'm so definitely going back again...after building up a little bit more muscle and stamina...
And this time I'm going to conquer them all!!
Altogether we caught more than 30 catfish that day, from 9am til 9pm... and after the 5th, all I could do was watch while the others had fun fishing... =(
I'm not gonna let that happen next time. I'm gonna fight!

It was really great and loads of fun! If you're an avid fisher-person, you really should try fishing there. My dad's already talking about going back again in a couple of months, and I'm eager to go back too.
It's beautiful and comfortable, and although it's not cheap, it's definitely value for money. And would you just look at the amazing sunset?

How could anyone not want to go?

*blissful sigh*

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

First Night in Bangkok

Hello readers! I'm baaaccckkkk!

I had soooo much fun!!

But it was so tiring too! OMG, I can't even begin to tell you. We arrived there at about 3pm Thai time, which is one hour behind Malaysia. Then we only had 2 hours to reach the hotel from the airport and freshen up for a bit before we needed to leave again for a cruise dinner.

We stayed at Amari Watergate Hotel, it's a five-star hotel, so it was great. But the best part was that there was a shopping complex right in front of the hotel, so we didn't have to walk far. LOL! But we'll get to that later.

The room I shared with Yap;

Then we went for our cruise dinner on the ChaoPhraya River. That's the boat behind us.

The wind was blowing my hair into my eyes, which was really annoying, but isn't the background beautiful? Except for the pillar blocking part of it.

We saw the King's palace from the cruise, so majestic and beautiful!

And one of the temples, I don't know which, but it looks great, doesn't it?

There were lots more to see on the cruise, but then it was dinner time, and I became more interested in the food than the view.

I couldn't take the pix of the main dishes, coz by then everyone was lining up and digging into them, so you'll just have to be content with these. Feast your eyes!! Too bad you can't feast on them literally. ;P

The dessert:

The fruits:

The fingerfood and whachamacalit...:

The ham...:

The sushi plate:

Dammit! I'm getting hungry all over again! Ok, I'm going for lunch now. I'll be back with more pix soon!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Almost Going!

It's official, we're extending our stay til Monday! LOL!

So that means almost a whole week away from home, and the computer, and my blog...again. Sighz...

I love going on trips, but I hate being away from home. Any way I can bring home with me while away? =)

So...again, goodbye for now. Don't miss me too much. I promise I'll blog as soon as I reach home and tell you all about the trip!

And also...a Happy 'Be-earliered' Birthday to Angeline, since I won't be here to wish her.


Have a great birthday and lots and lots of fun! HuGz and Kisses!


Bye everyone! I'm gonna so enjoy my trip to Bangkok! =)

Monday, June 11, 2007

Upcoming Bangkok Trip

Did I mention that I'm going to Bangkok on Wednesday for some fishing and shopping?

Oops...I think I forgot.

Anyway... I'm going to Bangkok on Wednesday for some fishing and shopping. =)

Ok, it's actually a company trip, I'll be leaving Wednesday and will be back either Saturday or Sunday...or Monday, if my dad decides he wants to stay even longer for the fish.

We're supposed to come back on Saturday, but my dad mentioned that he wanted to extend our stay so that we could fish more.

Fishing there's great.

There's this place, lakes and ponds and all, it's man-made but really nicely done and really really huge! There are huts for you to relax in while waiting for the fish to bite, and man...when they bite... you are in for one helluva ride!

Fishes there are BIG! I think you can't get any fish less than 10kg, which I'm really excited about coz the biggest fish I ever caught was 5kg.

The last time my parents went, my dad caught a 25kg fish!!

Which took him 45 minutes to reel in!!


For all you more experienced fishermen, go ahead and grin smugly at the fact that you've caught bigger fishes which took a whole lot longer than 45 minutes to reel in. I don't care. =P

It's my first time going, so I'm so gonna have fun in Bangkok with the fishies! It's gonna be such a workout for my arms... In fact, one of the last times I went fishing, I caught 5 fishes in a row, and the biggest was the 5 kg fish I mentioned, and I was pooped!

Imagine catching more than 5 fishes, and all of them more than 10kgs!!

Whew! Just thinking about it makes my arms feel tired! LOL!

My dad said that I'd probably only last, at the most, for 7 catches. And that's for the whole day, by the way, not just for a few hours in the morning like the last time I went. Hmmpphh!

I gotta prove him wrong! I'm gonna get 8! Just for the sake of proving him wrong. LOL!

I'm so excited!!

About the shopping too! Of course! LOL!

I'm not a regular shopper, but there are so many things to see in Bangkok, and I love looking! Who knows? I may even buy some clothes! LOL!

Sunday, June 10, 2007

New Hair Pix!

Ok, guys! Here are the pictures of my new hairstyle!

Unfortunately you can't really see the color, it's only highlights after all... I had wanted to take the pix under the sun so that the color would show better, but it was raining the whole day today, and I promised pix tonight, so I had to make do with artificial lights...

So... How do I look? *strikes pose*

From the back...

You can see the highlights better from the back, though they're still not very obvious. It's actually mahogany mixed with copper. Quite a bright red from the sample they showed me, though it doesn't look bright because it blends into my natural color.

It looks more obvious in real life though, it's really not showing up nicely in the pix.

I really like obvious colors though, I am of the opinion that there's no point coloring your hair if no one notices anything, or wearing colored contact lenses if you can't see the difference.

I used to wear green contact lenses just for the fun of it. I'm thinking of getting a new pair....Green eyes will match nicely with my new red hair wouldn't it? =)

Next time maybe I'll get pink highlights....

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Paris Hilton's Jail Time

I was listening to FLY.FM this morning while I was driving in my car, and I heard the Breakfast Show DJs discussing Paris Hilton.

For the record, I'm not a Paris Hilton fan, I don't like her, but I don't dislike her. I pretty much don't think about her, except that I can't help hearing about her because she's so prominent in entertainment news.

So anyway, I heard them discussing about her going to jail, and I just can't help thinking, isn't everyone being a little too harsh on her?

What they said was, she's still being pampered in jail because she gets her meals delivered to her instead of eating with the rest of the inmates in the cafeteria, and various other stuff about her getting special treatment in jail.

But I'm thinking, let's be reasonable. Ok, you think she should be treated like every other inmate or she won't learn her lesson...fine. But did you ever consider that it is impossible for her to be treated like any other inmate?

Think about it, it is just IMPOSSIBLE!

She is a celebrity after all, not a bad looking one, and definitely a very well-known one.

Assuming that she's not famous and she's just good looking, how do you imagine she'll fare in prison with all the other inmates harassing her because of her good looks.

But she is also very well-knowned, and I'm sure we all know, a lot of people don't like her, resent her, are jealous of her...etc.

How exactly do you think she'll fare in prison if she was 'treated like any other inmate'?

She wouldn't be 'treated just like any other inmate' by the other inmates. If the other inmates had access to her, she'll probably be close to death or insanity. And honestly, however harsh you think her lesson should be so that she'll learn, I think that is too harsh.

Her only protection is physical privacy from the other inmates, and even this we condemn her for.

I'd like to see you people who criticize her try to survive in a jail where all the inmates have only heard bad things about you and think that they know you.

Give her a break.

Monday, June 04, 2007

New Haircut and Ming Shan's Wedding Pix!

Guess what I did today?!

I went for a hair cut!!

Ok, that's not a big deal...but I also highlighted my hair!!

Ok, that's not a big deal either...

Except that it's the first time I ever colored my hair in my whole entire life!!!

I'm serious! My hair was a virgin until today!

Kinda like my new look too. *flips hair* I'll post a pic up soon, then you can all comment on how good or bad I look. =P


Anyway, pix from Ming Shan's wedding!!

This is us, Charmin, me and Margaret when we first arrived...

Margaret and me...

Charmin and me...

The SriKLian gals: Me, Soo Wan, Yoke May, Pooi San, Charmin and Margaret...

Under the canopy...

The beautiful backdrop...

The three of us with the bride and groom, Ming Shan and Martin...

Isn't the bride beautiful and the groom handsome? =) It's one of the most romantic weddings I've ever been to. Ever!

I wish them both the happiest of marriages. Can't wait to be invited to their kids' full moons. *wink*

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Love is in the Air

Love is everywhere!

Isn't it wonderful? This world is just so full of love!

I've just returned from Martin & Rachael's wedding, hence the sentimentality. LOL!

I'm too tired to put up pictures now, but suffice to say that it was a very beautiful wedding. The bride was so beautiful and everything was so well-organized.

They are so very lucky to have each other, you can almost feel the love oozing out of them!

I'm so happy for them.

And I'm so happy for me too.

If it's one thing I learned from seeing the two of them today, is that I will never settle for anything less than a deep and wonderful love like they both share. I know some people who do settle for less.

But I won't have to.

Because I was lucky enough to have found someone as amazing as my darling.

I don't know what twist of fate brought us together, but I know that I will forever be thankful that something did.

You have no idea how many times in my life I've wondered if I will ever find the perfect guy for me... After so many crushes and relationships and heartaches and breakups, sometimes I did wonder if I would ever be happy with anyone I ended up with.

Now I know.

And I feel so blessed.

Thank you so much, dearest, for loving me. You are the best thing that ever happened to me.


Friday, June 01, 2007

Connection's Back!

My internet connection is back!!!


*dances around*

I'm so happy!

I can be my usual blogative self again! Yayyy!

And you guys can read about all my crap again! Double yayyy!!

I'm happy! Aren't you happy?! =D