Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fishing in Bangkok

Sorry for the slow update with the Bangkok pix, guys! I know you're looking forward to the fishing pix, so here they are!

The place was great, it's called BungSamRan, just so you know if you ever decide to go to Bangkok to fish.

Just look at the environment and the scenery, isn't it beautiful?

This was how the cabin we were fishing in looked like. So comfy!

Preparing the bait! There's a technique to it that I can't follow.

My first catch! Look at the rod curve!

Intense concentration...I'm realising that it's much harder than I thought!

This really isn't easy!

Finally landed him! The giant mekong catfish! 17kg, guys!

My second catch!

Soooooo tired, look at my expression!

This giant has brought me to my knees... But look! You can see him! I almost got him!

Finally....after much sweating!

Got a couple more.... with a lot of grunting and sweating and muscle aching...

My biggest catch! 19kg! My parents 'tumpang glamour' taking the pic of the fish with me, and let me tell you, this one was spunky....this one gave me the most difficult time of all, and even after I finally landed him, he was trashing about so violently that we didn't dare take another pic of him.

Anyway, I know I said I was gonna catch at least 8...but it really was so much harder than I thought! And I'm so much more out of shape than I thought!
It's really sobering to know that I'm such a weakling! I've got to get more exercise and build up some muscles! I'm so dissatisfied that I only got 4 and a half (the last one finally defeated me!) before my body protested so badly that I just had to stop!
Every single muscle was aching! My arms, my legs, my back, my stomach.... And my fingers were numb! Literally! I couldn't feel them for hours! They hurt to the bones even until the next day!
I'm addicted though. I'm so definitely going back again...after building up a little bit more muscle and stamina...
And this time I'm going to conquer them all!!
Altogether we caught more than 30 catfish that day, from 9am til 9pm... and after the 5th, all I could do was watch while the others had fun fishing... =(
I'm not gonna let that happen next time. I'm gonna fight!

It was really great and loads of fun! If you're an avid fisher-person, you really should try fishing there. My dad's already talking about going back again in a couple of months, and I'm eager to go back too.
It's beautiful and comfortable, and although it's not cheap, it's definitely value for money. And would you just look at the amazing sunset?

How could anyone not want to go?

*blissful sigh*