Monday, June 11, 2007

Upcoming Bangkok Trip

Did I mention that I'm going to Bangkok on Wednesday for some fishing and shopping?

Oops...I think I forgot.

Anyway... I'm going to Bangkok on Wednesday for some fishing and shopping. =)

Ok, it's actually a company trip, I'll be leaving Wednesday and will be back either Saturday or Sunday...or Monday, if my dad decides he wants to stay even longer for the fish.

We're supposed to come back on Saturday, but my dad mentioned that he wanted to extend our stay so that we could fish more.

Fishing there's great.

There's this place, lakes and ponds and all, it's man-made but really nicely done and really really huge! There are huts for you to relax in while waiting for the fish to bite, and man...when they bite... you are in for one helluva ride!

Fishes there are BIG! I think you can't get any fish less than 10kg, which I'm really excited about coz the biggest fish I ever caught was 5kg.

The last time my parents went, my dad caught a 25kg fish!!

Which took him 45 minutes to reel in!!


For all you more experienced fishermen, go ahead and grin smugly at the fact that you've caught bigger fishes which took a whole lot longer than 45 minutes to reel in. I don't care. =P

It's my first time going, so I'm so gonna have fun in Bangkok with the fishies! It's gonna be such a workout for my arms... In fact, one of the last times I went fishing, I caught 5 fishes in a row, and the biggest was the 5 kg fish I mentioned, and I was pooped!

Imagine catching more than 5 fishes, and all of them more than 10kgs!!

Whew! Just thinking about it makes my arms feel tired! LOL!

My dad said that I'd probably only last, at the most, for 7 catches. And that's for the whole day, by the way, not just for a few hours in the morning like the last time I went. Hmmpphh!

I gotta prove him wrong! I'm gonna get 8! Just for the sake of proving him wrong. LOL!

I'm so excited!!

About the shopping too! Of course! LOL!

I'm not a regular shopper, but there are so many things to see in Bangkok, and I love looking! Who knows? I may even buy some clothes! LOL!