Wednesday, June 20, 2007

First Night in Bangkok

Hello readers! I'm baaaccckkkk!

I had soooo much fun!!

But it was so tiring too! OMG, I can't even begin to tell you. We arrived there at about 3pm Thai time, which is one hour behind Malaysia. Then we only had 2 hours to reach the hotel from the airport and freshen up for a bit before we needed to leave again for a cruise dinner.

We stayed at Amari Watergate Hotel, it's a five-star hotel, so it was great. But the best part was that there was a shopping complex right in front of the hotel, so we didn't have to walk far. LOL! But we'll get to that later.

The room I shared with Yap;

Then we went for our cruise dinner on the ChaoPhraya River. That's the boat behind us.

The wind was blowing my hair into my eyes, which was really annoying, but isn't the background beautiful? Except for the pillar blocking part of it.

We saw the King's palace from the cruise, so majestic and beautiful!

And one of the temples, I don't know which, but it looks great, doesn't it?

There were lots more to see on the cruise, but then it was dinner time, and I became more interested in the food than the view.

I couldn't take the pix of the main dishes, coz by then everyone was lining up and digging into them, so you'll just have to be content with these. Feast your eyes!! Too bad you can't feast on them literally. ;P

The dessert:

The fruits:

The fingerfood and whachamacalit...:

The ham...:

The sushi plate:

Dammit! I'm getting hungry all over again! Ok, I'm going for lunch now. I'll be back with more pix soon!