Sunday, March 21, 2010

Betty’s Back!

More than a year since I moved to BettyNLone, I decided to move back here.

I weighed my options about moving back here, and I think it’s for the best.

Recently, I re-read some of my old post here at Just Betty, and I miss having and writing those thoughtful (I think) posts. I enjoyed reading back what I wrote and giving myself food for thought that I’d forgotten. I realized that I didn’t really post much over at BettyNLone, and that a lot of the posts were superficial.

The reason for that is because I don’t feel good about ranting on a blog that Lone and I share, because I feel like that blog is supposed to be about *us*, not about *me*, and when I rant, or post stuff unrelated to him, I feel like I’m stealing the limelight away from *us*.

So it ends up being superficial (not a bad thing, just that I miss having an outlet for other stuff), as in we only post about where we’ve gone, what we’ve done, etc. Obviously, we don’t post about our arguments because we mostly settle them as fast as we have them, and we’re not going to share intimate details as those are personal. Watch your Korean drama if you want drama! =P

Anyway, since then Lone and I have gotten married, and we’ve again moved to another blog, The Lone Family, because in the future it’s not going to be only me and him anymore. And no, before you ask, I’m not pregnant, and I’m not planning to be for a while. We just like to think ahead.

The Lone Family blog would also, obviously, be a blog about us and our family, so I won’t be posting my own personal stuff there either.

I thought about posting my personal thoughts over at Betty’s Books instead, but I felt uncomfortable about that too, because it’s where I share my thoughts about the books I read, and I think it would be weird if I also posted negative stuff about the people I know in real life!

Oh, trust me, I’m no saint. I love bad-mouthing some of the people I know in real life! =P

Ok, not really. I don’t really “bad-mouth” them as much as I just tell truths that they don’t wanna face, but even so, I wouldn’t “bad-mouth” them here if I could do it to their face, and trust me, I *have* tried doing it to their faces, but they always shout me down, coz they’re too afraid to see the truth, and I just get tired of getting nowhere.

So I want to write it on my blog, to get it out, but the other blogs weren’t the right place to do it, so I’m back here again. =P

All jokes aside though, I’m really happy to be back! I realize that it’s important, while being part of a couple and of a family, that I hold on to my individuality as well, because that’s what makes me, me.

So I’m back now, and as before, it’s Just Betty here. =)