Thursday, January 24, 2008

Miserable Drama Queens

Do you ever get the feeling that some people just like to be miserable?

No, I mean it. These people are always miserable and depressed, and some bad thing or other is always happening to them, and they are always complaining or moaning or crying or whatever.  And I mean *always*!

These people also never listen to advice, never learn from mistakes, and in fact always make the *same* mistakes over and over and over again. And they know it too! Their excuse is "I couldn't help it..."

At first you really feel sorry for them, it really does seem like they've got it bad... but then later it just gets really tiresome and boring, and honestly, it seems like they're just fishing for attention and sympathy.

Or... it could just be that they're addicted to drama.

It's true, you know, happy people are boring people, that's why I'm so boring, but I'd had more than my share of drama and excitement, and I decided that it was enough, and that I now want to be happy and boring.

And so I am!

Happiness is a choice, and I choose to be happy. I choose to keep all the drama in my life confined to movies and books. But hey, don't get the wrong idea, I've got an extremely interesting life, just not a dramatic one. =)

The best thing about it is that people don't gossip about you either, since you're so 'boring'. They'd rather talk about the girl whose boyfriend two-timed her with her best friend, or the guy whose girlfriend left him for another guy but not before milking him for all his money's worth, or the friend whose having an affair with her boss, or whatever... You get the picture.

And as for these people, well... I'm sure they love being gossiped about. You know the old adage, "There's no such thing as bad publicity."

These dramas put them in the spotlight, make them the center of attention, and allow them to rant and rave and bitch and cry, and yet still have their friends console and comfort them.

The only thing these people *ever* talk about is how terrible they feel, how shitty their situation is, why these things always happen to them, etc... And when you try to change the subject to something cheerful to help get their mind off the problem, they change it right back! Because, well, it wouldn't do to talk about a subject in which they're not the main characters, you know.


If you really want to stop being miserable all the time and find a guy who really loves you and appreciate you, then decide to be so and stop letting guys walk all over you!!

It is *your* decision, and yes, it *is* that simple! And I know, because I've done it!

Everything that happens to you in your life is because of the choices you make. So start making different choices already! Don't expect to find the right guy when you keep on going off with the bad guys.

For goodness' sake! For you to be making these same mistakes over and over and over again, you are either very very *very* stupid, or you just enjoy being miserable. Either way, it's getting really boring, and I'm sure the last thing you want is to be boring. LOL!


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lucky Baby

Sorry for being MIA for almost two weeks, guys! I was allergic to the stoopid sunblock lotion that I put on when I went fishing, and was down with rashes for the last couple of weeks, too miserable to blog.

Seriously, if you could have seen my rashes, you'd shudder in disgust, coz my skin looked exactly like a lizards'!

Thankfully, I'm much much better now, no more lizard skin! =) But my skin has begun to peel from the sunburn (yeah, I still got burned...!).

Anyway, anyway, let's get on to better topics. Like, *squeals* the little cutie puppy boy boy, Lucky!!

I've (finally) got pix!!! Look look look!

*emits series of high pitched squeals*


begging lucky running

happy lucky



trying to hide 

Isn't he adorable?! Awww.....

I also have a few pictures of Baby, it's really not easy getting pictures of her because she's afraid of the camera (coz of the flash), but I got some of her while she was out in the garden playing with Lucky, though they're not really clear...

baby and lucky

playing around

I really wish Baby isn't so camera-shy. I have so few pictures of her, much less good ones. =(

Baby's afraid of flashes because she's terrified of thunder and flashes of lightning associates with thunder.  Does anyone know how to cure your dog of a phobia of thunderstorms?

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Dallas' & Mel's ROM and Fishing pix!

As promised, new pix!

My brother and Mel recently got registered as husband and wife. =) Here are the pix:

signing the docs

Preparing the documents for signing

kiss sweet.

the newly wedded in-laws

The newly wedded and the in-laws.


The wedding ceremony's in June... My brother and his new wife are preparing all the details before then, and I guess they're almost done with all the preparations. But me... it's not my wedding, but I still feel kinda unprepared for it. LOL!


Last Friday we went fishing with some friends at Semenyih. Look at the scenery!


Lush and green...sigh...


Almost like a Thomas Kinkade painting. Ok, not really...but, still... =)



The little 'isle' we camped on.

Camwhoring while waiting for the fish to bite


More camwhoring...


Reeling in the fishes...





The fishes we caught:


Big one!



My first catch of the day!

My brother's





And yes, they are all different fishes! LOL!



This is a ruhu(sp?)



This is a catfish. And the others we caught were mostly pacu(sp?).

It was great great fun, and we've converted Kelvin to a fisherman too, I think. It's his first time fishing and he caught 6 altogether, Lone caught 6 too, my brother caught 4, mostly coz he was busy taking pix for us, and Ceaser caught 3. My dad caught about 4-5?

And *ahem*, as for me... I caught 7! LOL! I was the fisherman of the day! Yayyy!

*does a little skip* =)

I love fishing!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Happy New Year!!

I know I'm a little belated with the wishes...but it's still a Happy New Year! =)

This year's going to be great, of course, because I choose it to be so. And there are many more things I'm going to accomplish this year, some of which I have an idea of already.

I mean, of course I do, that's why we *plan* our future, isn't it. LOL! But what I meant is that I have an idea of what I want to accomplish this year as opposed to next year or the year after that, etc. And also of course, what I consciously want to accomplish, as opposed to what I inadvertantly accomplish on the way to accomplishing my accomplishments. Did you get that? LOL!

Anyway....I'll get back to you on those, coz I'm still 'hungover' from yesterday's fishing 'expedition', I've got a sunburn and I feel a need to just laze around today without using my brain overmuch.

Pictures were taken with my bro's camera though, so I can't upload them now. I've asked him to transfer the pix to me and as soon as we're done being lazy asses, I'll post them up. =)