Saturday, January 19, 2008

Lucky Baby

Sorry for being MIA for almost two weeks, guys! I was allergic to the stoopid sunblock lotion that I put on when I went fishing, and was down with rashes for the last couple of weeks, too miserable to blog.

Seriously, if you could have seen my rashes, you'd shudder in disgust, coz my skin looked exactly like a lizards'!

Thankfully, I'm much much better now, no more lizard skin! =) But my skin has begun to peel from the sunburn (yeah, I still got burned...!).

Anyway, anyway, let's get on to better topics. Like, *squeals* the little cutie puppy boy boy, Lucky!!

I've (finally) got pix!!! Look look look!

*emits series of high pitched squeals*


begging lucky running

happy lucky



trying to hide 

Isn't he adorable?! Awww.....

I also have a few pictures of Baby, it's really not easy getting pictures of her because she's afraid of the camera (coz of the flash), but I got some of her while she was out in the garden playing with Lucky, though they're not really clear...

baby and lucky

playing around

I really wish Baby isn't so camera-shy. I have so few pictures of her, much less good ones. =(

Baby's afraid of flashes because she's terrified of thunder and flashes of lightning associates with thunder.  Does anyone know how to cure your dog of a phobia of thunderstorms?