Monday, May 22, 2006

I Came Back Fat!

I'm back, and I'm fat. Sighz... The food was too good, but more about that later. I'll write a real update on my trip when I have more time, this post is just a check-in to let you know I'm back. :D

Anyway, we reached homeland Malaysia at 6pm today(21/05), and reached home at 8pm. Then came a whole lot of things to do. Called for pizza coz we hadn't had our dinner, then got Baby home from boarding at the petshop. Went online to check my mails, had too many, chatted with a couple of friends, took a bath, went back online, went out for drinks with some friends, came back and unpacked. Whew!

Too lazy to give an actual account of everything right now, and I still have to pack for an overnight trip to Genting tomorrow with my colleagues. Unpacked, just to pack again. Sighz...but it's ok, I'm still having fun. :D

Pics will be coming soon, but some of the best pics are with my dad coz he's still in China. He stayed back for golf. :P So I'll post up the ones I have, and post up more when he gets back. It was an amazing trip!

Ok, I have to go pack and ready up for tomorrow's trip again. Good night!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Finally finished packing

Finally! I finished packing! Finally, finally, finally!

Well, almost. Just my toothbrush and my brush, and stuff like that, coz I still gotta use them in the morning. I have to wake up at 5.30am, and I've just finished packing now. Sighz~ This is what I get for procrastinating. As usual. Haha....:P

I'm not happy about missing American Idol these Wednesday and Thursday though. It's the final 3 now, and it's definitely going to be interesting. Shit man, Katherine better be in the final 2, she deserves it. Taylor should be going out next. I don't mind if Elliot wins, but Katherine needs to go to the final round. I'm not going to be happy if I find out she's gone when I get back.

Yes, I am an American Idol fanatic. What? D'you have a problem with that? I listen to singers ok. So some are really bad, and sometimes reality shows really suck and exploit people too much. But I'm not there for the producers of AI, I'm there for the really good singers who deserve recognition. So sue me. I'll keep watching as long as the good singers keep singing. Too bad I can't vote.

And I'll also be missing the opening of the Da Vinci Code and Over the Hedge! Sigh~ and everyone will have watched it when I come back. Oh well, not that I mind going alone to watch it...but then I'll also have a lot to catch up on at work... Double sighz~

No! I must not be negative. I shouldn't think about all these things. I will go to China, and I will have fun, and whatever will be, will be.

Good nite, sweet dreams, bon voyage... Damn, I hope I don't come back fat...


Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Off to China for a week

I'm going to China tomorrow! Wheee....

Hmm...actually, I'm not very enthusiastic about it. I mean, ya, I'm going. It's a new change, new experience, whatever. But it's not like I'm jumping around for joy or anything. I think I'm distracted by music right now, I'm not blogging right...

*turns off music*

Ahh....that's better. *ahem*

Anyway! I'm going off to China tomorrow, which is a really good thing coz I need a change of scene. Been hanging around listlessly for months now, and sleeping late and waking up late, and not being productive at all. It's time to wake up and get moving and stop feeling sorry for myself, and start being discipline. I did so well for a while, and then I had setbacks. I hate setbacks. They make things doubly hard when you try to get back into the game. But that's ok. Nothing's gonna stop me now. :D

It's actually a really long story, which I don't really have the time for. I'm just procrastinating. I need to pack for my trip and take a shower. I'll tell in details when I get back, but like I said, I have so much to catch up on. We'll see how well I manage to make time, alright? *grin*

I embrace challenges!

I'm off! (Unless I have time to blog again before I leave for China.)

Monday, May 15, 2006

I'm Back!

Sorry guys, for the long hiatus...:P Life was too busy and too complicated for me to bother writing much. But I'm back, and man, do I have a lot to make up for, especially since I know a lot of you have been waiting for the Penang Road Trip episodes. Well, that's so last season, but if you're still interested, I'll see if I'm in the mood. Heh! At this rate, I'll be blogging my fingers raw.

Well, like I said...on the plus side, I have a lot of stories to share. On the minus side, I haven't been taking many pix, so you won't be able to see my pretty face. ;) I'll work extra hard this time though. I, Betty, solemnly promise that I will blog diligently as often as I can, when I have nothing else better to do.

LOL! I am so easily amused!