Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Off to China for a week

I'm going to China tomorrow! Wheee....

Hmm...actually, I'm not very enthusiastic about it. I mean, ya, I'm going. It's a new change, new experience, whatever. But it's not like I'm jumping around for joy or anything. I think I'm distracted by music right now, I'm not blogging right...

*turns off music*

Ahh....that's better. *ahem*

Anyway! I'm going off to China tomorrow, which is a really good thing coz I need a change of scene. Been hanging around listlessly for months now, and sleeping late and waking up late, and not being productive at all. It's time to wake up and get moving and stop feeling sorry for myself, and start being discipline. I did so well for a while, and then I had setbacks. I hate setbacks. They make things doubly hard when you try to get back into the game. But that's ok. Nothing's gonna stop me now. :D

It's actually a really long story, which I don't really have the time for. I'm just procrastinating. I need to pack for my trip and take a shower. I'll tell in details when I get back, but like I said, I have so much to catch up on. We'll see how well I manage to make time, alright? *grin*

I embrace challenges!

I'm off! (Unless I have time to blog again before I leave for China.)