Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Finally finished packing

Finally! I finished packing! Finally, finally, finally!

Well, almost. Just my toothbrush and my brush, and stuff like that, coz I still gotta use them in the morning. I have to wake up at 5.30am, and I've just finished packing now. Sighz~ This is what I get for procrastinating. As usual. Haha....:P

I'm not happy about missing American Idol these Wednesday and Thursday though. It's the final 3 now, and it's definitely going to be interesting. Shit man, Katherine better be in the final 2, she deserves it. Taylor should be going out next. I don't mind if Elliot wins, but Katherine needs to go to the final round. I'm not going to be happy if I find out she's gone when I get back.

Yes, I am an American Idol fanatic. What? D'you have a problem with that? I listen to singers ok. So some are really bad, and sometimes reality shows really suck and exploit people too much. But I'm not there for the producers of AI, I'm there for the really good singers who deserve recognition. So sue me. I'll keep watching as long as the good singers keep singing. Too bad I can't vote.

And I'll also be missing the opening of the Da Vinci Code and Over the Hedge! Sigh~ and everyone will have watched it when I come back. Oh well, not that I mind going alone to watch it...but then I'll also have a lot to catch up on at work... Double sighz~

No! I must not be negative. I shouldn't think about all these things. I will go to China, and I will have fun, and whatever will be, will be.

Good nite, sweet dreams, bon voyage... Damn, I hope I don't come back fat...