Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My First Foie Gras!

I was in Singapore on Mother's day last month, and this month I was in Bangkok on Father's day, so I didn't really get to celebrate those days with my parents properly.

So I decided to treat them this past Sunday, to a very delicious French dinner at Le Bouchon in KL, as our own personal Parent's day!

I had an ulterior motive of course, I wanted to eat foie gras! Foie gras, which I had heard so much about, but never tasted.

You can imagine the anticipation.

I was kinda worried that I'd build my expectations up too high, after everything I've heard about it, and that it might not taste as good as everyone has been saying. But oh, let me tell you...it was absolutely heaven!

How do I even begin to describe it? It's almost like...like catching snowflakes in your mouth and letting them dissolve on your tongue but not quite.... coz the foie gras isn't snow, nor is it cold... but oh... I can't describe it! You need to taste it for yourself!

It's like seeing music or tasting color, you feel the foie gras with your whole body, not just the tongue, and all of your senses open up and you experience something so wonderfully... orgasmic.


Will you just look at it? It's making me salivate right now... It looks so good, but the taste! Oh, the taste!

I ordered lamb for the main course, which by the way, was also really estatically delicious! I have so spoilt myself for other foods now... It was the 'tender-est' lamb I have ever tasted.
My dad ordered the beef with foie gras, which was just as delicious and the most 'tender-est' beef I've ever tasted!
My mum got the salmon, which was pretty good too. I don't like cooked salmon though, so I didn't really pay much attention to it. But it was good! For salmon. ;P

It was a very, very satisfying dinner, and although really expensive, it was so worth it!

And of course, I had the best company ever. My parents!!

HAPPY PARENTS' DAY!! You guys are the bestest, bestest parents any girl could ever wish for!! Muah!! Love you sooooooo much!!