Monday, July 02, 2007

Hard Rock and the Redemption!

We went to Hard Rock this last Saturday for dinner and the band. I did mentioned before that we loved live bands, didn't I? =)

Anyway, it was a really great night. We had a delicious dinner, and then we hung out and talked until the band started playing at 11pm and stayed all the way until they finished.

The band was really great! Loads of energy, and they were really friendly too. They danced with us during their breaks, we talked about music and stuff, and they invited me and Lone to jam with them too.

We ended up inviting two of them to watch Transformers with us the next day, because we happened to have two extra tickets. The movie was great, but I still love the animated movie better. I'm pretty sure they'll come out with a whole series of Transformer movies now...

Ok, anyway... Pictures! =)

Lone and I shared a B-B-Q'd Rib. It was huge! And delicious!
Margaret had a combo of B-B-Q'd ribs and chicken. Also delish!
John had steak, really tender.
Eng Kok had lamb, it had a dash of wine in it and it was juicy!
Charmin had fish. Healthy and delish!
The band, Redemption. This female vocalist is Paula, with a beautiful voice. In the background, the guitarist, Teody. You should see his fingers fly. He was one of the guys who went for the movie with us. He's the nicest, sweetest guy, he taught me and Lone some software to record our original songs.
The male vocalist, Bian.
The cutest bassist, and talented too, I love his energy. Alex. He's the one who introduced the rest of the band to us.
The drummer, Chris. If you watched him play, you'd be amazed at his talent and originality. He's one of the other two who went for the movie with us. Redemption will be playing at Hard Rock beside Concorde until the end of July. Go check them out! They are really good!

We'll be meeting them again next week for dinner, and we've all made plans to go back again to Hard Rock to watch them. And don't tell my bf...but I've got a little crush on Alex. *wink*
What?! He's adorable! =P