Friday, July 20, 2007

Dream Ramblings

Music is a universal language.

I believe it was the first language.

Music has been around ever since humans have been around. Without getting all technical, I'd say that cavemen had music too, however primitive their music may have been compared to ours.

Point being, there's something magical about music.

There's something about music that speaks to all of us. We use it as a form of expression, to show our feelings, our inspirations, our dreams... There are things inside us that can't be described with words. So we use music.

Everybody loves music. There may be a hundred different genres of music now, and perhaps not everyone likes the same kind of music, but we all love music. And we all need music. I don't think mankind could survive if we didn't have music. We wouldn't be human without music.

How much more respect do you have for the people who create music?

I have plenty.

Music is a part of everyone's lives, we've pretty much established that.

But for the people to whom music is their lives...

These people are different. These people are special. These people live in a world different from us. An alternate universe parellel but completely distinct from ours.

I wish I could go into that world.

I've seen glimpses of it in my dreams, and during my few moments of creativity. It's a beautiful world, a magickal world. It's a place where dreams come true and everything is possible. It's a place where you're always happy and nothing bad ever happens. Everyday is a sunny day and every place a playground for your inner child.

At least, that's how it was for me. I lived there for a while and I loved it there.

But reality crashed into my world like a bad car accident, and now I'm just as real, jaded, and cynical, as any other person.

Sometimes I wish I could go back into that world... but other times I think, I'm in the real world now, and I need to be real to survive here.

My question is... why is the real world so full of ugliness and pain? Why do we allow bad things to happen to the real world? Why can't everyone live in a beautiful, bright, happy world? Why can't I live in my dream world without bad people from the real world forcing me to see all the ugliness in their world?

These are all hypothetical questions, so don't bother answering.

I can live in reality just as well as in my dream world. But sometimes when I see glimpses of my dreams, it reminds me of what I gave up and what I gave it up for, and sometimes I really wonder why.

Reality is a poor substitute for dreams.