Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Went Fishing!

I woke up really early on Sunday to go fishing! I was up by 6am, and we reached the place by 8am. It was a beautiful place, completely natural and untouched by commercialism. That's the way I like it.

It's a private pond which belonged to a friend of my dad's, so it was just us there and no one else. It's the true fisherman's experience, unlike all those man-made ponds with a million other fishermen sitting around you and getting their lines all tangled up with yours. And which you could sit and wait for 5 hours without a single bite.

Yeap, this place was great! And I caught my first fish all on my own! And it was the biggest I had ever landed! Ok, this deserves an explanation... you see, I'd been fishing with my dad ever since I was a little Betty, and all this while, he was always the one who caught the fish and let me just play with it, and land the fish. This time, I got the fish completely on my own from the beginning til the end! And it was the biggest I had ever gotten too! Ok....let me show you the pix!

Btw, just a warning to whoever's reading this post, I have bragging rights! So if you've never caught a fish, or you're a terrible fisherman, don't be bitter that I think I'm such a big shot ok! =P And if you're a better fisherman than me, then just tolerate little girl acting big la! LOL!

All in all I caught 5 fishes! And I got the first catch of the day too! Out of 7 of us! And I got the biggest fish too! Muahhahahah! I was the fisherman of the day! *smug* =D

Here I am, reeling in the first fish I caught, I took at least 5 minutes to get this one in, it kept pulling the reel out after I reeled it in. But it was sooooo fun!

Finally landed him though! He's the biggest catch of the day, at a whooping 5kg! Woohoo! *smug* He was so heavy that I couldn't hold him up to take the picture. LOL!

This is my second catch! It was only 2.2kg though. They kept biting, one after another, and they kept getting smaller. =P

My third one was only 1.7kg. But it still wasn't the smallest.

My fourth got bigger, at 2.1kg, but I was getting kinda tired by then, because they were biting non-stop! I was catching them, taking pix of them, unhooking them, letting them go, baiting my hooks again, casting my rods, getting bites, and reeling them in again and again in succession!

My fifth catch was the smallest of them all, a mere 1.5kg! LOL! And I was so tired out by the endless fish that kept getting attracted to my line, and the heat of the sun was getting to me too, so I decided to 'retire' after my fifth fish! *grin*

But the fish didn't stop biting! They kept coming in, the other fishermen got their share too! Lone got one, it was bigger than my last four at 2.4kg!

Mum got a few, but this was her biggest one, it was 3.1kg and the second biggest catch of the day! After mine, of course...*smug* =P

Dad got one too! He would've gotten more, but he was too busy helping out the rest of us with our fishing. Mum and me because we wouldn't unhook the fish ourselves, Lone because it was his first time fishing. So in actuality, *all* the fish caught that day was my dad's! LOL! But of course, my 5kg fish was all mine. Seriously... =D

It was great fun! And I can't wait to go back again and spend the whole day catching more than my share! Lone and I had a lunch appointment that day, so we had to rush off by 11.30am, else we could've stayed longer and caught a whole lot more fishes! Well, we'll go back soon, I think Lone's addicted! *grin*