Friday, December 01, 2006

An overview

1 day since NaNoWriMo is over...

Well, at least I got 20K out of the 50K. It's less than half the amount, but I'm glad I tried and it's a great lesson for finding out my limitations too.

November is over, it's December now, and things are back to being busy at work. I wonder how that works. LOL! October was the end of our financial year, so November was mostly a month where all the Waltonians went for holidays and company trips, hence the slow work days and the very busy social days. Now that the holidaying is done, we're all back to working full swing again.

It's not easy getting the ball rolling once it has stopped, but I'm building up the momentum. It's especially hard when December is another holidaying month for everyone else. Everyone is rushing to finish up their end year projects, especially since everyone wants to be free by the time Christmas and New Year's come around.

But it's a new beginning, and I'm hopeful for the future. Everything seems to be looking brighter, there have been changes in the office, procedures and stuff, and in-house activities and all. Changes in my life, I've been taking up a lot of time last month for reading, and I've learnt many new things I'm eager to try out. I'm taking up two informal courses, and I'm looking for any tai chi classes I can join. Why tai chi? I know most people think it's an old man's activity, but I've always been intrigued by holistic healing, and the movement of energy within your body. I decided to take up tai chi and not the more popular yoga, because tai chi would allow me the peace of mind to meditate/concentrate on the energy flow of my body, which in turns help the healing of the body, and at the same time, it gives me a sense of safety because it's a type of martial art, one of the most powerful in fact. Of course, I wouldn't know how to use it until I've reached a certain level, but take up yoga for ten years and then see if you can defend yourself with it after that. =P

Oh well, I've been talking about taking up tai chi for a while and I still haven't done it, so who knows, I might be all talk. Or I might take a few lessons and then drop it because it's too boring? LOL! I'd love to at least try it though.

On another note, I got 2nd place for Walton Idol. Aww... =( The first place winner was a new colleague who sand Westlife's Flying Without Wings. He sang it *really* well though, so I'm happy losing to him. I sang Kelly Clarkson's Because of You, and the third place winner was one of our PA's who sang Alicia Key's If I Ain't Got You. She was really good too. Lots of competitions this year! And the finals is coming soon too... Any suggestions on what I should sing? I need to win back my title! LOL!

On yet another note, Wing Fei's wedding was wonderful, I finally met his wife for the first time since they got together. The place was beautiful and almost everyone was there, like what all of us were saying, it was like a high school reunion. =) I'll post up more pix later, but unfortunately my battery ran out halfway through the night. I still have so many pix to post up. The pix from our Bkt Tinggi trip, and then our Walton Idol, and then PD, and then Lone's friend's wedding, and then Fei's wedding.

Lalala... I feel like a 'professional socialite'! =D

Anyways, tomorrow is another big day. Walton is holding a hotel seminar at Crowne, and I have to be there from 9am til 6pm. Sighz... I really need to get more comfortable shoes to stand in. Blek.

So good night! =)