Monday, December 04, 2006

Bored and Sleepy

I am soooooo bored and sleepy right now!

Here I am, in the office, trying to be busy and productive, but with nothing to do. Not at this moment anyway. So I'm waiting for some good samaritan leng chai colleague of mine to fetch me home so I could at least spend this unproductive time productively by sleeping so I'd get some beauty sleep out of it. But instead, I'm spending it rambling on and on about god knows what because my brain isn't even working properly right now and I'm just typing whatever comes to mind, which honestly isn't much.

Unfortunately, there's no good samaritan leng chai colleague to be found. What?! *shocked* No leng chai colleagues?! Time for me to find a job somewhere else where there are more leng chais. LOL! Just joking. I really am rambling with no idea what on earth my point is.

Or rather, my point is that I'm bored and sleepy and my brain has already flown back to the comforts of my bed back home and my body is still here. Duuhhh.... I think if I spent anymore time staring at the screen doing nothing, I'm going to end up with drool running down my chin. Ugh...yuck!

If this continues any longer I'm going to start doing some blog surveys! Yayyy! =) Or maybe I'm just looking for an excuse to do it anyway. *grin*