Tuesday, June 24, 2008


After my tirade yesterday, I tired myself out with all the stressing and worrying, so I decided no more negative thoughts!

I will block all negative thoughts and people from my life.

And become Zen-like....

And boring...


Ok, not really. I will definitely not become Zen-like, but I will try to be as positive and exciting as I can. I mean, who says that positive people can't be interesting? =P

Imagine my new-found positivity causing me to win a lottery of 10 million dollars!! Woo hoo!! I bet I won't be boring anymore! LOL!

Especially since I don't buy lottery tickets, so winning a 10 million dollar lottery would definitely be interesting.

Anyway...I digress, as usual.

What I want to do today, is list up 10 things that I'm grateful for. So here they are:

  1. I am grateful for the most wonderful-est, special-est, talented-est, loving-est, romantic-est, fiance in the whole wide world!
  2. I am grateful for a family that love me and only want the best for me.
  3. I am grateful that I have a brilliant brain that enables me to learn more and improve everyday of my life.
  4. I am grateful for all the wealth and opportunities that come my way everyday.
  5. I am grateful for the growth and progress of our business that we love and enjoy.
  6. I am grateful for having the best friends a girl could have.
  7. I am grateful for all the books I've read that have contributed in making me who I am today.
  8. I am grateful for having the opportunity to meet such inspiring people and wonderful new friends.
  9. I am grateful for the two wonderful puppies that constantly brighten up my days.
  10. I am grateful for my skills and talents, and the ability to be able to realize their potentials.
Well, actually I have a lot more to be grateful for, but some of them are too detailed.

Bottom line is, I have a wonderful, wonderful life, filled to the brim with wonderful things. And even though sometimes it seems that they may overflow, I love everything I have, everyday I live. And I honestly feel so lucky, so amazed, that all my dreams are coming true.

(in zen pose)*bliss*