Saturday, June 28, 2008

Betty and Veronica

A couple of days ago, Lone and I had a conversation that tickled me to the bone, because I'm a big fan of the Archie comics. *grin*

So you see, Lone and I were talking about names, and I said I loved female names that could be shortened into masculine names, ei. Joe for Josephine, Sam for Samantha, and etc.

Then Lone mentioned his sister-in-law, as in his brother's wife, who went by the name of Ron, short for Veronica.

And since my name is Betty and I love the Archie comics, I always look for connections between myself and girls named Veronica.

I went, how nice, Betty and Veronica ends up marrying brothers (Lone and his brother). And then I said, if only your names were Archie.

And then, I stopped. And Lone looked at me, and I started laughing like a madwoman! Because I realized that their surname was Chu, as in Ah Chu (Archie)!!!!!

So Betty and Veronica both married Archie!!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!!!

The best part is, I've always wanted a resolution in the age-old question of who Archie marries in the end, and it is *never* ever answered! And now that *both* Betty and Veronica marries Archie, I guess God just doesn't want to give us the answer. LOLOLOL!!!!

I'm so lame.