Friday, September 21, 2007

I should be so Lucky

OMG! I haven't blogged in two weeks?!

I didn't even realize!

So sorry! But I've been really busy (yeah I always say that). I spent the week before finishing up the final assignments in my course, and this week I'm busy with a new member of my family.

We got a new puppy! He's a Pomeranian, born on 7/7/07! We had to do the obvious; we named him Lucky. =)

Sorry I haven't got any pix right now. They're all on my brother's camera and I haven't had time to upload them just yet. He's the cutest little puppy you could ever imagine, though taking care of him has been taking up a LOT of my time this week. I hardly had time to do anything else, except play with him, train him, feed him, hold him, clean him...etc.

Poor Baby is so jealous, she hasn't been herself lately. She's been really morose and anxious that we don't care about her anymore. But of course we do! Baby's the best! It's just that you can't pick her up and carry her around coz she's so big and heavy, but we still give her the same amount of attention we normally do. In fact, we give her more, because we're worried that she's getting so sad.

Hmm... maybe she's just acting sad so that we'll give her more attention. Smart dog, that Baby...

Well, anyway, I'm so glad I finished all my assignments before we got Lucky, else I probably wouldn't have the time at all to do anything! I haven't done anything productive at all this week!

I need a puppysitter! Who wants to volunteer?!