Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sad Lonely Life

It's always obvious when I haven't had a life...

My blog posts consists of mostly opinions or quizes or whatnot, instead of pictures of the places I've been and the people I've met.


It's not fair! I wanna be happening too! *wails*

Oh, whatever, I actually don't really care if I'm not as happening as others because I really do enjoy my work and studies and hobbies, but honestly...sometimes I just need to go out and stretch my legs, you know.

All the things I do, like studying, or writing for the web, or reading, requires that I sit at home at the computer. I'm taking an online course, so there's no college to go to. I'm freelance, so there's no office. Reading is a hobby, so obviously I read at home too.

I enjoy it all, but I'm seeing the same scenery all the time. If I had a college or an office, my days would be spent in first in college, then in the office, then I could go back home. But now it's just, home, home, home. And no people!!!!

I don't have classmates or colleagues!

Well, actually I do, but none that I can actually see or go out for drinks with...

It's a sad, sad, lonely life. =~(

But I'm enjoying every minute of it! LOL! =)