Sunday, October 14, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!

I'm 25 years old today!!

Half a century old! OMG! (Edited: Dammit!! I meant to say QUARTER of a century old! You were right, zza! Took me two weeks to see this, I *am* getting old!)

But still young as ever in heart, I hope! LOL! I sometimes feel that I'm still young in mind though... I can still be a little immature sometimes.

Not that I'm proud of it, but as long as I keep on improving each day.

I have a 'motto' that I live by... I don't like to compare myself with others, because that's never a fair or practical comparison either way, but I do like to compare myself with what I was before...

So my motto is that I need to improve each and every day, be a better person, more mature, more intelligent, wiser, kinder, nicer, more patient, more motivated, successful....whatever. The point is that I need to be a better me everyday that passes.

And I am! I'm not the best that I can be, of course, how could I ever be? That would mean that I couldn't improve anymore, and if there's no room for growth then it's time to die.

But I'm only a quarter of a century old, I have 3 more of these to go. I'm only at 25% of my full potential, I have a long long wayyyyy to go... and it's fun...growing, learning, making mistakes and learning from them, becoming a better me, a happier me...

Everyday I see some kind of progress in whichever area of my life, and I'm happy because this is the life! This *is* the life!

I know the changes I want to make, the improvements I want to make... and I see them manifest, everyday of my life.

Even though sometimes I'm not doing the things I think I should do, or wasting time on things I think I shouldn't do, but I make more and more choices that brings me towards the things I want, and away from the things I don't want.

I have more to improve on, and it's fun. It's like working on a lifelong project, in which you add something beautiful and new everyday, and it only gets better and better. And the thing is, the project is you!

I am so loving every minute of my life.

I don't want to waste a minute having bad thoughts or bad feelings, or making bad choices. Why should I, when I can have great thoughts and happy feelings and wonderful experiences?


I've come a long way. =)