Sunday, February 03, 2008

This week and the week ahead

Just a quick note to say hi.

I've been really busy with Chinese New Year coming next week, and fact is, I'm behind on a lot of assignments! *sweats*

I have a review deadline I haven't met yet, I was supposed to finished a section of my studies before the week was out, I have to re-organize my stuff and clean up before CNY starts, I need to finish a crochet project before Tuesday, and I'm taking part in an event next week!

So many deadlines! OMG!

The good thing is that I finally finished furnishing my room and the library! Yayyyy!! The big stuff, furniture and all, are done! It's just I have reorganize and tidy up the rooms, now that the furnishing is all done. What's left is the little decorative stuff, which I will do much later, probably only after CNY is over.

Another thing I'm really, *really* proud of...

A lot of the furnishings I bought are from IKEA, and you know they are all DIY stuff, right? Well...usually, I leave the bf to settle them for me. I love DIY-ing, so I do help out, but he does the tough work.

So I bought some other stuff on Friday night, and he was busy up until yesterday and today too, and I knew if I waited for him, I would not have my stuff fixed up until tomorrow.

So, I did it all myself!

I fixed up *everything*! With hammers, screws, and all!

Well, some weren't hard to do, but there was a particular table drawer thing that was a real challenge, and I fixed it up, completely by myself! I am so proud!

Suddenly I feel like buying more stuff from IKEA just so I can fix them up. Hmm... or maybe I can hire myself out to fix up IKEA stuff for people. LOL! Like they'll want my services.

Ok, ok...enough with that. I know I'm done furnishing, and I'm not going to buy useless stuff just to fix them up, so that's that. =)

I'm still really, really, proud.... even though I'm also kinda worried about the tasks I need to complete before the week is out.

Alright then, back to work. Bye!