Monday, April 28, 2008

Mind, Body, Heart and Soul

It's been awhile since I last blogged about my thoughts and feelings...

It's been awhile since I had the time to really think about how I feel...

I've been so busy lately, with so many things to plan, work, and do, that I haven't really allocated any time for self-reflection or meditation, or just a simple and relaxing me-time.

Mentally, I've been busy like nobody's business. My brain has been working non-stop for the last couple of months. Trying to think up ideas, plans, and modes of execution, for projects at work, for my college projects, for my writing projects, for the band, and for the business. It's exhausting, but it's a good kind of exhausting because I feel so accomplished. I also know though, that I need to let my brain rest and not think of solving problems all the time.

Physically, other than the exercise I get when I sing and dance during our band sessions, I have not had the time (or the energy) to exercise at all lately, and I've put on some weight(!). Especially since now I'm mostly sitting and working at the office, I can't even use the exercise bike and read my textbooks like I used to. Not happy with the results here.

Emotionally, I've been really happy, but just a tiny bit hassled because of all the work I have to do. The bf and I spend a lot of time together, but a lot of it is spent discussing work. Still I would say that we're both very, very, healthy emotionally. I'm happy almost every minute of the days, with minimal complaints. The great thing about our relationship is that although we're both busy doing the work that we need to do, we still find little pockets of time in between, special moments where we still giggle and laugh like a new couple, and tell each other how much we love and appreciate one another (and still mean it!). No complaints here, but of course, you can never have too much love and happiness. =) (Let's continue to increase these everyday, dear!)

Spiritually, unfortunately...I've been neglecting. Other than the 'you are my heart and soul' part of spirituality, I haven't done anything at all for a long time, to feed my spiritual needs. I haven't really prayed, or meditated, or done any of the rituals I used to do, or developed any part of myself spiritually at all. Those who know me intimately know that spirituality is one of the most important aspects of who I really am, and to have neglected this part of myself is very frustrating and dissapointing to me. I have no excuse to give, nor am I trying to guilt myself. It is simply a fact. I have been neglecting this part of myself, and I am seriously disappointed in myself. That's it. Will I do something about it? Do I have the time? These questions are irrelevant, because you will always find the time to do the things you really want to. It merely depends on what you choose your priorities to be.

If I decide that I have more important priorities at the moment, I will continue to neglect spirituality, and I will be disappointed, but I will accept it. That goes for everything else. I have had to give up certain things I wanted to do, because there are other things that are more important at the moment. It's a choice, and I'm completely in control, so there's no reason to beat myself up over it. If I decide, however, that I do not want to ignore this aspect of my life, I will spend more time on it, and I will accept the other consequences I have to face. And I will accept that choice as well.

Anyway, I feel like I'm becoming too serious for my own good. I think for my next few posts, I'm going to have to take those cutesy and fun online personality quizes and post them up here just to lighten things up a bit.

Maybe I'll even write a funny short story or something...