Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just wait a little longer

Actually, I guess I couldn't tell you what I've been busy doing the last week even if I hadn't been exhausted.

I want to, I really, really, want to. But I won't. =P

Because we've been working on that 'secret' project that I've talked about. =)

Ok, again, it's not really a secret but I'd just like it to be a surprise when we finally present it. And it's not like it's a really big thing or anything either, it's just a special project Lone and I have been working on, and it's such a small thing that you'd all probably wonder why it's taking us so long to finish it, but it's really much harder than it looks!

I'm really anxious and excited to show all of you, but we're not going to rush it just because we're over-eager to show it off. It's important for us to make it perfect, and when it is, then, and only then, will I present it here.

I gotta be patient and so must everyone else. =)