Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Redemption in Hard Rock, KL this August

Not many comments on my last post, I guess it was kinda long and confusing to read, but I was hoping for more feedback about it.

Anyway, nothing much happening lately, except that Lone and I are working on a *secret* project. =) Ok, it's not really secret, and I'll definitely share once we're done, but I'd like it to be a surprise. We're working on it! I promise to share as soon as we're done!

Another exciting thing happening soon, Redemption is going to be back in Hard Rock, KL, in August! That's next month! How fast time flies! I can't wait to see Bien, and Raul, and Alex again! Too bad Paula and Teody aren't with them anymore, and I'm not sure about Cris either...

Well, anyway, this means that we'll be spending most of August and September in Hard Rock, I can so see money on wings flying away from me now. LOL!

So if anyone wants to join us, and maybe volunteer to let their money do the flying for us instead, let me know. =)