Saturday, March 08, 2008


Yes, I know I know! A whole MONTH since I last updated!!

Sorry.... Really... Damn... I can't come up with any good excuse... =P But you'll still have to forgive me anyway... =D Love ya!

Ok, so updates! Nothing much happened during CNY... honestly, it was the most boring one I ever had. They seemed like just any other day to me. I'm starting to become a boring person, ain't I? =(

Gotta spice things up a lil bit, maybe find a really hot chick to cheat on my bf with, or go bungee jumping in Rome, steal Brad Pitt from Angelina Jolie....

What?! You think I can't do it?! LOL!


The last week was kinda interesting though, and very very happy for me, in fact, =D because Redemption came back!!

Ok, it was only Bien, Raul, and Alex, and it was only for one day... but it was so great to see them again! They were just stopping over for a day because they had to meet their manager(?) here, and then they had to go back to Indonesia again to perform there.

As always, we had loads of fun, talking, drinking, eating...especially the eating part, I think, for them. Lone made a collage of the pix, which I don't have on my computer, but which he uploaded on youtube, so yayy! You get to see them. =)

Ok, that was on Sunday, and it was great fun except for the last part when a couple of police pulled us over and thought they could bully us into giving them some bribes, but they didn't get anything from us, so too bad.

I was pretty pissed off at the time though, because I know my rights and they were clearly just trying to bully us. But don't get me started on it because I have a lot of things to say about them, and none of it is good. =P

Let's hope things really change for the better after the election, no matter who wins.

Back to Redemption... I missed them sooooo much! Chris, Paula, and Teody are no longer with the band, personal reasons, and Redemption wouldn't be the same without them, but I'm sure they'd still sound good of course! Just with different sounds and dynamics, and most importantly, chemistry. They had one of the best chemistries ever!

I haven't heard them perform with their new line up, but I am sure they'll sound great and I can't wait to listen to them when they come back here in August!

Got that, guys?! They're gonna be back in Hard Rock in August!!! Check your calendars, make sure you're free during the weekends and I'll probably see you there.

Oh, speaking of great chemistries, another *really* great band that I *really* love is Asia Reforms from Indonesia! We went to Planet Hollywood last Thursday night, and they're playing there now up until the end of April. They are seriously, seriously....talented. Extremely... OMG! Words can't describe. You just *really* have to go and watch them yourselves.

And seriously, the bassist? OH.... MY.... GOD....

GO watch them!! GO!!!! And ask them to play Hump De Bump by RHCP, and maybe you'll be able to see exactly just how good the bassist, Zackey, is.

Everyone else is really talented too, don't get me wrong. I think the lead vocalist and the female vocalist are two of the most talented performers I've ever met.




Oh, did I mention that earlier this same night we went to Planet Hollywood and Dina from the first Malaysian Idol was performing there live too? The program was broadcast to 8TV if I'm not mistaken, but I got to hear her live and for the first time since she won second place in Malaysian Idol about three? years ago.

And you know what? She's improved sooooo much! She really blew me away with her rendition of Christina Aguilera's Ain't No Other Man! You should hear her high notes! And yayyy, I got to take a picture with her too!




So that's about it for updates for now... I'll blog more when I have more to say and when I don't feel so lazy.

Happy Voting tomorrow, everyone!

I would have written a whole intelligent and sophisticated post about the election but I don't feel up to being too intelligent or sophisticated right now, so just make the right choice, people!

This is our country, and we do want a better country, we want improvements, so please vote for the right party. Listen to everything, but believe nothing until you've done your research.

Alright then... until next time! =) I have MUCH to catch up on!