Tuesday, March 11, 2008

That Little Voice Inside

Today was a tiring day. But oh so satisfying. =)

I got a lot of things done. Of course, there's always more to do, but today's progress was really good. I felt like I made the most of my time today, instead of always slacking off or procrastinating and ending up working late into the night.

Tonight I feel like I can relax after working hard the whole day today. There are still certain things that I haven't gotten done, but sometimes I think that's just my neurotic side talking. You know, that little annoying voice in my head that always think I don't do enough, or that I didn't do as well as I could have.

Sometimes she's right, though, and she's really, really, hard to ignore, but I try. =P

But seriously, although I'd like to be able to relax when I've deserved it, it's this little voice that keeps me going everyday. She makes me want to be the best I can be, because I *know* I can always do better. She makes me want to be a smarter, more knowledgable, more effective, more efficient, healthier, brighter, more beautiful, and a generally better person.

So it's a good thing because I'd probably be a useless slob without her. It's just that sometimes I wish that she wouldn't drive me so hard. (She's actually not as bad as some other people, I know, but I wish she was even *more* 'not as bad'! I *like* being a lazy ass sometimes!)

For tonight though, I am going to ignore her. I'm going to read a trashy, mindless, romance novel, and I'm going to enjoy it! =P

Until she starts nagging at me again in the morning...

Ok then...