Sunday, May 02, 2010

Bright Shiny New

Firstly, as you can see, I changed my look! =) I mean on the blog!

This looks really good and I’m really loving it, but let me tell you it wasn’t easy choosing this! There were so many great templates to choose from!

I guess I could always change it again later if I want to, has made it a lot easier now that they allow you to keep your widgets when you change templates. It used to be a lot more tedious, having to manually move all your widgets to the new template.

Now that it’s easier, I might change my template more often. =) Or not.


I took up Yoga classes!! =)

And Lone took them up with me!! =)

I’m so happy that Lone decided to join me, and we’re having lots of fun together, and learning so much together, and the good thing is that having him with me in class pushes me harder.

As most people know, since it’s so very obvious, I’m really out of shape. I wanted some sort of exercise that could help with my various physical problems, and I don’t mean just regular exercises like badminton or jogging that makes you sweat, but something that would *really* benefit the energy of the body.

My first choice was tai chi, actually, but it wasn’t easy finding a good teacher and convenient classes.

After months of looking and not finding, I guess yoga started seeming like the better choice.

And I’m really loving it!!

Lone and I signed up for 3 months of unlimited classes, and we’re going 3 times a week for now, because we need to condition the body first, so we need to rest in between classes. Once we’re used to it, we might perhaps go 5 or 6 times a week, depending. =)

So far we’ve had 2 classes, and I can already see improvements on my body. Not huge improvements or anything, but I can see a little, and obviously, being out of shape, there’s a lot more improvements to be seen!

I can’t wait for the next class!