Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mixed Up-dates

The internet has been really slow the last couple of days. It’s so frustrating! Why aren’t the people at the internet company doing something about it?


Well, at least this morning it’s looking better…

Anyway, I still haven’t gotten pix of my new haircut. Lone hasn’t bothered to take pix… I guess he doesn’t like my hair. =( =P

On to more important things; was the match between South Korea and China for the Uber Cup yesterday exciting or what!!

I’m really glad Korea won. China has been hogging the cup for the last 6 rounds, and I think Korea played really well and deserved to win. I felt so moved when they won in the end and everyone was so happy and celebrating, and especially when I saw one of their coaches cry! It’s a good win.

Congratulations, Korea!!

I can’t wait for the Thomas Cup match today!!