Friday, November 11, 2005

Penang: The Characters

Since I'm too lazy to go to bed now and have some free time, let me bore you with details about my road trip to Penang with my ex-schoolmates. Besides, this is the first time I'm uploading pics onto a blog of mine, and I just wanna see if it works. ;P

Anyway, I think I'm going to divide this into a few posts, because I'm predicting that I'm going to be quite longwinded. :P So what I'm going to do today is introduce the people and the settings. Or whatever.

Ok, below is Exhibit A, it's a picture of Eva and Png. Eva is a new friend, not an ex-schoolmate, but she's cool, so we'll give her a membership. *grin* Png is our beloved driver, who's always been there whenever we needed a lift. And here he is again to save the day.

Next, I shall introduce my bestest, bestest mates, who by the way, can be quite annoying sometimes too. Here are...*drumroll*.... Margaret and Charmin! Margaret's the one on my left, and Charmin's on the right. I've known both of them for so long, don't ask me to count the years, coz I don't want to hurt my brain so late in the night. Just trust me when I say we've known each other for ages. Maybe I should find new friends...I'm getting bored of them. :P

The superhero wannabe below is Tze Hwee. He amused us throughout the whole trip with his wild antics and lame jokes. I guess you could call him Captain Laughter? He certainly gave us an endless supply of it. Too bad he had to spoil this pic though. The characters behind him are certainly much more beautiful. *ahem*

This lady beside me is Captain Laughter's gf, Siew Khuan. God knows how she puts up with him, but I guess behind every 'hero', there should be a sidekick. Only, rather than helping him in his quest to make everyone around him die of laughter, she seems to keep him from going into overkill. Good sidekick, this gal.

Finally, as you can see from the pic itself, this is our champion drinker, Shijin. He can outdrink anyone anytime anywhere. Don't even bother to challenge him, he'll drink you under the table. He's most fun when he's had a few drinks, when he gets all loud and crazy, otherwise you'll hardly get a word out of him.

Well, now that I've introduced the main characters, for this particular trip at least... Tune in for the next installment of Penang: The Road Trip.

*groan* This is so lame. At 5.00 in the morning, no less.