Sunday, November 13, 2005

Penang: The Setting

Ok, here's the next episode of Penang: The Road Trip. This is where I'll introduce the setting, ie. the scenery. Not that it needs much introducing, esp. if you're a Penangite, but let's just assume for the sake of making me look worldly, that Penang is this new place no one's ever heard of and that I'm a pioneer who explored it and am sharing my adventures with the world now. *smirk*

So firstly and most importantly, here's the picture of the beach,which, btw, I didn't get a chance to play in...:( Long story, grrr...bad timing, long queues, necessary situations, rain, and Shijin's accident(he twisted his ankle while Captain Laughter and he were fooling around at the poolside, I wasn't there) is just a couple of factors which kept me from the beach. But that's ok, since it wasn't really all that clean anyway. Sighz...

Nextly(hehe*snort*), the poolside... Or rather, a picture of me and my gfs at the poolside.

I would've posted up a picture of the pool, unfortunately, I don't have one. *red-faced* Ok, it's like this, my annoying brother stole my camera, as usual, and didn't charge the battery before returning it to me. And I brought it to Penang with the battery in critical stage, it was about right after we took this picture that the camera died, and I spent the whole day after that without a camera. Thank god I took the charger with me. Humphh!

Ok, fine, I admit it! I'm a terrible adventurer! Even after I charged the camera, it totally slipped my mind to come back to the poolside for pictures. Some pioneer I make, huh? *blek* But honestly, *ahem* timing did not allow for it. We were just running around most of the 2nd day, buying those famous tau sa peng Penang was so famous for, and the 3rd day we hardly had time to do much of anything before we left for home. Still, I will admit that there were way too many photo opportunities that I let go of. :( Well, forgive me and I promise I'll do better next time. In the meantime, be satisfied with the picture of the 3 of us at the poolside. ;D

Next! Our suite. This is just the hall of our two-bedroom suite...and *defiantly* I don't have any pics of our bedroom or the rest of the suite. Unless you consider the pic of the 3 of us in the bedroom, not that you can see much of it. LOL! This is a fun episode, isn't it.

Better pics coming up, the scenery from our suite! This is from our hall balcony,

and this is from our bedroom balcony. At least I gave you the view! I'm not that hopeless, after all! *smugness*This next one is the view from Gurney drive, the 3 of us were looking for good food, and thought we'd find it there, but unfortunately...*sad sigh* they were closed. (Another long story, part of the first long story. They were closed because it was 4 in the evening, and we were late having our lunch because we were buying tau sa peng in the city, we got lost while looking for the place, then there was the long queue, then there was the looking for a place to eat and not finding one. Hence the missing of the beach. Sighz...) Well, at least we got this great pic of the scenery from there. :D

And here is the Penang Bridge road. Didn't get the view from the Penang Bridge, just the road. Took this one while we were on the way back to KL, had to try many times before we could get a shot while Png was looking at the camera. LOL! It's not easy to look at the camera while driving, after all. He wasn't exactly looking at the camera this time either, but at least you can see his side profile. Hehe!

Actually, we did try to get a pic of the view from Penang Bridge, but we didn't quite cut it. You can see the railings of the bridge from this pic though, and if you really squint, you can see some landscape at the middle right of the window.

That's all for today, the next episode will be about the clubbing scene in Penang. I promise it'll have better pics. Of drunk people. If there's one thing I'm really good at, it's taking pics of drunk people acting crazy in clubs. *grin* Excited? I am!