Saturday, November 19, 2005

Penang: The Next Episode

Well, here we are again. Ready for the next episode of Penang: The Road Trip? This episode we'll be exploring the clubbing scene in Penang, and there'll be lots of pics of crazy drunk people as promised. So, first up, here's....*buzz*crackle*squeal*static*...

We interrupt this program to bring you a very important announcement from our host and sponsor, Betty. On this day(or night, rather), Betty wishes to let all her valued fans know that she's very tired and unfortunately, really not up to uploading pics of crazy drunk people, and writing stupid things about them. She wishes her fans to know that her job, although not as important as her fans, of course, is demanding much of her time these last few days, and she will have to devote her Saturday(that's tomorrow) to working.

She also wishes her fans to know that due to low financial funds, it is impossible for her to give up her job and focus solely on JustBetty, no matter how many of her fans have written to her begging her to do that. However, she promises that the next installment of the highly entertaining sitcom, Penang: The Road Trip, will be aired as soon as possible. So don't touch that dial, Penang: The Road Trip will be right back.

Thank you for tuning in. :D