Sunday, August 12, 2007

Friends and Photos

So after procrastinating for so long about uploading pictures of the last couple of weeks... finally, here they are! Yayyy! =P

Yeah, so on Friday a couple of weeks ago, 27th July, there was a sort of reunion thing going on with the guys at CK's new bar, Hana. Bob invited me to go, and since I hadn't seen many of them for a looooooooong time, I decided to go. And of course, I was curious about Ck's bar. =)

Here are the pics:

Me, Chen Wei, Cheen Png

Hein Yong, me, Andrew

Eng Kok, Shijin, Png, Shien Choy

Andrew, Bob, Me, Chen Wei, Png

EK, Bryan, Chau Hau, Jason, Bob, Andrew, Chen Wei, Nick

Then on Saturday, 28th July, we went to Hard Rock on last final time before the Redemptions went off to Jakarta to perform there. I miss them soooooo much already. =~( Life really feels so silent and empty without their music.

Us before the show started, John brought his brother along.

Five very handsome guys...

Transformed into five very ugly guys...LOL!

All of us!

At the Redemption's place, with the farewell cake. (Yes I know I look fat...watever. =P)

Then on the 4th of August, we all went to Rahsia in KL, for a joint birthday dinner for Charmin and Elaine. It was great getting all the girls together again. This is a month for reunions and farewells....

Ee Won, Charmin, me

Jeremy, Eewon, Charmin, John, Lone, Me

Everyone! Um...cept me, Jeremy and Lone

The girls!
Top: Joanne, Me, Charmin, Sewei, Angeline
Bottom: Eewon, Elaine, Margaret

There you go! Sorry it took so long for me to post up these few pix, but as the saying goes, 'A lazy person is a lazy person...who is waaaayyyy to lazy to look up an actual proverb about lazy persons so this will have to do.' =) Enjoy!