Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wanted: Badminton Kaki

I'm looking for badminton players who are interested in committing to a badminton session at least once a week, every week.

I don't care if you're a good or a bad player, but you must be a serious one. I don't want girls (or guys for that matter) who giggle everytime the shuttlecock drops in front of you and you don't take the shot coz you're too lazy to move. And I don't want guys who fob me off to play with those girls who do nothing but giggle. If your girlfriends aren't serious about playing, DON'T bring them! If you want to bring them, MAKE them PLAY PROPERLY! If they don't, DON'T let them play!

I know I'm not as good a player as most of you guys, but I'm serious about improving, and I can never improve when you always make me play with girls who aren't serious! I wanna play, dammit!!

And don't just let me play one game and then make me sit on the bench for two hours!! I came to play! NOT to SIT ON THE BENCH!

And don't say I'm not entitled to more court time because I'm not paying for it! I wanted to pay for it! I INSIST on paying for it! You don't let me pay coz I'm a girl, but I wanna pay coz I want SERIOUS COURT TIME!


Actually...I did find a group that was almost perfect, but they had too many people, and only one court, so most times everyone else didn't have enough court time either. I decided there wasn't any point going coz sometimes all I get to do is warm up for about 5-10 mins, and then my ass gets to warm the bench for the next two hours. It is soooo frustrating!

I really want to play! And it isn't easy finding a group you like....=~(

Seriously, I'm kinda desperate. Does anyone wanna play badminton with me?


With sugar on top?


Beng Huat Loh said...

I don't think you would come here anymore but just wondering if you did join a badminton group in the end? I'm desperate for a nice group of badminton players too...

Evan Walker said...

Hi are u still looking for Badminton players? I’m looking for people to play with as well.. let me know if u are interested.. text me at+6591767708