Thursday, August 02, 2007

Taking Piano Lessons Again

So guess what?

I had my first piano lesson today after many(about 4?) years of not playing the piano at all... and I'm too ashamed to say I'd forgotten everything I ever learnt.

Not to mention that it was kinda embarrassing when the notes keep coming out, out of tune. I hadn't tuned it in 4 years either. And um...the keyboard was really dusty too.

*hides face in shame*

I don't think I can ever face my piano teacher again.

Or at least until our next class. =P

Anyway, I've been kinda busy lately, with assignments and writing and reviewing, so I'm sorry if I haven't updated anything substancial lately.

On a really sad note, the Redemptions are gone. =~(

They've gone to Jakarta, and after that they'll be in Bali. But we're still here....*sobs*

But we'll see each other again. =) And we'll keep in touch. =) Don't you just love the wonders of the internet? The world is much much smaller now, and in fact, I talk more with some of my oversea friends than I do with some of my friends here.

Like I said, I've been busy though, doing a lot of reading and writing. Reading textbooks, story books, self-improvement books, non-fiction books.... and writing assignments, reviews, blogs...a new movie screenplay.... =P

And now, learning piano.

I hope I improve soon.