Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Favourite Things

*bursts into song and twirls around with arms outstretched*

The Hills are aliiiive with the sound of muuuuusicccccccccc
With sooongggs they have suuunngg for a thousand yeeeaaarrrssss
The Hills fill my heeaarrttt with the sound of muusiccc.......

*notices people looking at her funny*

Oops! *blushes*

Sorry people, I couldn't help it! I watched The Sound of Music yesterday on Star Movies and now all the songs are stuck in my head.

(Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens)

I was actually quite delighted (Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens) that it was showing, because I was just talking to Lone about the movie the day before yesterday. (Brown paper packages tied up with strings) Coincidence? =)

I haven't watched it in a long long looooooongggg time, (These are a few of my favourite things) but it was soooooooo fun watching it again... *geeky grin* I'm a geek!!

Oh, and now that I'm older, (When the dog bites) I understand the Nazi/Hitler/political part of it better. (When the bee stings) Coz I never got that part about why they had to run when I was younger. (When I'm feeling sad) I always thought it was sad that Leisl and Rolf never had a happy ending... =(

Oh and guess what?! It's actually based on a true story! (I simply remember my favourite things) I never knew that!! I guess watching the Sound of Music at a too young age, you only focus on the songs, but now that I watched it again and did some research... I was so surprised to find out it was a true story! (And then I don't feeeeeeeelll soooo saaaaaaaaaaaaaad)

I'm gonna be doing more research on them. I'm so intrigued!