Thursday, December 27, 2007

The Year 2007

Lone and I were discussing our year in 2007 yesterday. Instead of simply thinking about our new year resolutions for 2008, I thought I should reflect on the current year. Now that 2007 is ending, I ask myself, what am I happy to have achieved this year?

Here are the answers:

  • Performing a song that Lone and I was asked to write for our company's D&D this year.
  • Finishing my Certificate course in Holistic Nutrition with flying colors.
  • Becoming a contributing writer for an online magazine.
  • Moving to a new home.
  • Starting a new music-related company with Lone.
  • Starting a new band with Lone and friends.
  • Meeting a lot of new people who taught me a lot of various things.
  • Taking the initiative to learn Chinese (although I haven't achieved *learning* it all yet).
  • Taking the first steps to allowing myself to grow spiritually.
  • Learning a lot of new things I never knew about before.
  • Becoming more of a doer instead of just a thinker.

Actually, I'd say there are a lot of things I'm happy to have achieved this year, it's just that some are quite intangible and difficult to express. And though some are more notable than others, I'm happy for all of them, and I aim to do better next year.

However, it's obvious that it's been a great year, and next year and all the years ahead are just going to get better!

As I've probably said before, I believe in improving myself day to day. As long as I'm better today than I was yesterday, and better tomorrow than I am today, no matter how slow the pace, I'm doing alright.

Here's to more improvements in the year 2008 and all the years ahead!