Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Connection Problems

What the hell is wrong with my internet connection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Since I've come home from Singapore, I haven't been able to access my emails, and MSN, and a couple other sites.

It's damn annoying, k!

I had more than 250 emails waiting for me in my gmail account, and it's damn slow loading and I can't even delete them without gmail telling me that there's something wrong with my connection, please try again later...blah blah blah.

Most of the other sites are fine, just these few, and I don't know why someone won't go and fix it already.

I finally got so tired of it that I decided to get out of the house.

So here I am, in Starbucks, finally finished with my gmail and now finally able to blog!

Unfortunately, I forgot to upload the pics from Singapore...


But it was so much fun, I'll tell you all about it later. Now I really need to get some stuff done on the internet before I go back home.

I am so gonna 'sternly' tell my brother to get the internet fixed. =P

I don't know how much more I can stand. Internet problems all the time. Argghh!!

No more please!