Thursday, May 31, 2007

Singapore and Johor

Finally I have some time and the connection to blog about my trip to Singapore to watch the Phantom of the Opera! It's a little anti-climax now, but was great! I had so much fun!

Ok, the trip itself was quite tiring, we drove from KL to Johor and stayed with some relatives, then the next day we took public transport into Singapore, and it was really hectic coz we had to get to our hotel, then to the Esplanade Theatre to collect our tickets, then have lunch before the show starts. Really hectic!

But I'll get into that later, let me show you the pix first.

This is the Esplanade Theatre... I don't know whose idea it was to make it look like a durian...

Here I am, taking a picture with the poster, coz we can't take pictures inside the auditorium.

Our tickets! Collected just an hour before the show!

The show was great, I teared up more than a couple of times. In fact, at the end when everyone was applauding and 'bravo-ing', I couldn't make my share of noise because I was all choked up. And if you know me, you know I'm one of the noisiest audience when it comes to showing my appreciation, but somehow I just couldn't make a sound. I was just so happy to be there with my dearest, I guess. =~)

Anyway, the show itself was great, I loved the Phantom, his performance was wonderful, and his singing voice is great too. I kinda didn't like the actress who played Christine, I think she overdid it a little. I couldn't understand a word she sang, and she played Christine a little too aggressively.

Overall, the movie was still a whole lot better, of course. But seeing it live is such an experience. I can't wait to see it again in London.

I bought a Phantom mug that I had been wanting since I saw someone else's which they bought from London.

Damn, forgot to take a picture of it and post it on here.


Anyway, back to the trip.

As I said, we went to Johor before going to Singapore, and let me tell you, the best thing about the whole trip (other than getting to see POTO) is the extremely spicy-licious tomyam meehoon I had in Johor for dinner the night before.

Words cannot describe it. Honestly, it was the best thing I've ever tasted in my whole entire life ever since the day I was born until now.

Every bite, every taste, every swallow, was like fireworks going off in my mouth. And not just any fireworks. You know the ones in Lord of the Rings, the magical, beautiful, artistic ones? Every bite was like those fireworks going off in my mouth. I savoured every bite, mouthful by mouthful. I have never savoured any meal that way before.

LOL! Sounds kinky.

But seriously... all my life, I enjoy my food, and I savour them too, but you know sometimes you eat and you just savour the first few bites and then after that you start chatting and just absently eat your food? Well, it didn't happen with this tomyum. I savoured every little bite from beginning to end. I was so totally involved in the food that I hardly even registered the other people at the table talking to me. LOL!

Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture, heck, how was I supposed to know that it was gonna be that good?! It doesn't look anything special anyway, it's the taste that was mind-blowing.

Just goes to show you can't judge anything by its look.

I hope I get to go back there again for the tomyum. All the way to Johor, just for the tomyum... Gosh... just thinking about it now makes me salivate.