Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Itchy Pirates

I don't want to complain about my internet connection anymore. I don't even want to think about it. I've been really, really patient, and I'll continue to be really, really patient because the internet problems will definitely not outlast me.

I will win this war! *determined*

So...let's ignore that and go on to other topics.

I watched Pirates of the Carribean 3 last Friday! It was so good words can't describe it! All I can say is that it made me feel like a little girl again, but instead of dreaming of becoming a princess, this time I'm dreaming of becoming a pirate!

Whatever the dream though, I believe that dreams are good. I feel more alive when I have dreams, don't you?

I resolve to be more in tune with my inner child! I'm gonna be more childish and whoever doesn't like it, well, they need to grow up! ;P

Honestly, some people need to know the difference between being childish and being immature. I know some of the most 'mature-acting' people who are also some of the most immature people, and some of the most 'childish' people I know are also the most mature.

If that previous sentence was hard to understand, then you gotta start being more mature and childish.

Ok, yada yada yada...

Fast forward to after the movie.

I spent the most excruitingly itchy weekend in bed with hives! Arrgghh!!

Even thinking about it now makes me itch...

You have no idea how terrible it was. Honestly, it was pure torture! I would rather someone pluck my eyebrow hairs one by one than go through that again.

Oh wait... I already do let someone pluck out my eyebrow hairs...

Ok, I rather go for a Brazillian wax on some very sensitive part than to go through that itchy itchiness again!

I am so glad the itchiness is over. I couldn't sleep the whole weekend! It was so itchy!

Honestly, you have no idea how tired I was. I kept waking up every single hour, I'm not kidding, every. single. hour. because the hives kept moving around, and the itch kept itching, and I just couldn't sleep.

I was so tired I almost fainted a couple of times when I got up to walk about, so I mostly just sat around and itched.


I am so so so sooooo glad it's over.

It's at times like these I hate that my father's a naturalist.

All I wanted was some drugs to stop the itch, goddammit! But nooooo, Dr. Daddy says let the hives run their course.

Ok, obviously I know it's for my own good, and for the good of a hive-less future, but when you're itching as badly as I was, you don't care!

But that's all over and done with now.

*heavy sighz of relief*

*in Scarlet O'Hara fashion* I will never go itchy again!!!!!