Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Moving Day!

I'm moving today!

Tonight will be my first night in my new place.

It's really funny how time just flies past like this. It seems like just yesterday we found the place. LOL! But I know we've taken a *really* long time to move. It's about time we actually do.

But that's the thing, I guess. It's because we've taken so long to move, that the concept of moving seems like it's always been there and the moving itself always seemed so far away, so now that we're actually finally moving, it's a little hard to adjust to this concept. LOL!

Today is just the preliminary move though, tomorrow's the day the professional movers come.

I'm really psyched! Can't wait to do all sorts of wonderful things to my room! It's not fully decorated yet, so there's a lot of potential for me to make it really girly.

It's my one chance to be girly! Wonder if I'll pull it off.

Anyway, it's American Idol tonight and I really, really hope I don't miss it with all the moving. I *cannot* miss this week's performance. I heard Jon Bon Jovi is mentoring, and they're all gonna sing his songs this week. How can I miss it!

Jon Bon Jovi is like, the ultimate idol! I love him, I love all his songs, and he's the most generous, humble, giving, and talented person in the world.

I loved him all the while, but when I saw him on Oprah, I fell completely! He's so completely down-to-earth despite all his fame and fortune. In fact, he actually seemed like he didn't like people making a fuss about him. He's married to his high school sweetheart. He actually donated a million dollars (together with his band) to Oprah's charity fund.

He's wonderful.

I love him!

Although I can't ever have him. LOL!

And I don't ever want him too, coz I want him to stay with his high school sweetheart wife of his.

Sighz... Love him!