Saturday, November 18, 2006

I have too much of a life?

One whole week without the internet!!!!

But I survived! And it's back on again! Yayyy!!!

Anyway, it was a good thing, coz I wrote quite a bit without the distractions of the internet. Unfortunately, now that it's back on... LOL! Can't win, can I?

Must discipline self!

I did write well the last couple of days after I came back from Bukit Tinggi. But I'm still far behind my word-count, and I'll have to average about 2500 words a day to hit my target of 50K words. I'm at about 15K right now, with only 12 more days to go for 35K. Think I can manage it?

This is a truly busy month, even though things at work are slow, but socially, it's really busy. Let's see... This Wednesday night The Illusions are going to Laundry to support the guy who plays drums for us. He's performing there, but as the vocalist. Who else wanna go? He's single, last I heard, girls. And I won't say he's cute, coz cute implies ugly but adorable, and he's anything but. He's really macho looking though, well-built, long hair, tattooed, very good on drums, *and* he sings! Go check him out! Laundry @ the Curve! This Wednesday night!

Unfortunately, I'm already happily attached, or else I'd go for him too. *drools* LOL! So you single girls are lucky this time coz I won't compete with you! ;P

And, this coming Saturday is Walton Idol, which I still haven't practise for. I want to win the first prize!! Money and a new handphone! I want it! I want it! I want it!

And Sunday night, there's a wedding I have to go to. And then Monday a pre-wedding dinner at Fei kokor's, and Tuesday his wedding dinner.

And then only two more days to go after that before November ends.

How, how, how am I going to write my 35K words?! I better stop blogging and start writing more!

Bukit Tinggi was great, btw! But all of you will just have to wait til after November for all the pictures in one go. =D