Saturday, November 11, 2006

Working hard for literature and music!

I need a break! From NaNoWriMo I mean...

I've been writing everyday for the past ten days, and I'm still below my word count! Arrgggghhh!

Looking at it in a positive way, I'm slow and steady... Looking at it in a negative way... will I even finish my 50,000 words by the end of this month? In other words, will I lose my bet and lose RM500?! *wails* NooooOOOOO!!

No! I will not lose! I will persevere! Aja!! Ganbatte!! I can do it!

Ok...enough about NaNoWriMo for now! Like I said, I need a break! I'll write a million words tomorrow. Sighz...

Let's talk about other stuff...mundane stuff...boring stuff...'s been raining a lot lately, hasn't it?




LOL! How lame have I gotten that I need to talk about the weather? Blek!

Ok, seriously....I'm really psyched! Coz after *months* of not jamming, we're finally jamming again tomorrow!! Oh yayyyy!!!

Only thing is...I haven't practised at all... =(

I'd been coughing since the raya holidays, too much heaty food I guess... So I haven't actually had the chance to sing, unless you count the times I sing and break off halfway through the song to hack up like an old sickly grandmother. =(

But I'm still excited about jamming tomorrow!! =D

I can probably do the easy songs, which would be a start, at least I'd have started practising again. Because, in case I haven't mentioned, Walton Idol is on the 25th of this month. And I have to be in good shape to win it!

I won it last year, and got a trophy... but this year there are a lot more goodies, and a lot more competition! So I have to practise harder!

First prize is a Motorola V3i(which although not the latest model, I could still sell for good money), RM100 cash, and a RM50 voucher(for I-don't-know-what-yet)! And that's just for the first round! There are more goodies available on the final round!!!

Keep in mind this is just a small competition within our company, it's not like the prizes are gonna be like what Akademi Fantasia offers, but it's definitely not bad for an inter-company singing competition! =D

I'll have to practise harder!

I can't wait! =D