Wednesday, November 01, 2006

(Wedding) Bells are Ringing

It's official, NaNoWriMo has begun!

Well, for me anyway, since it's not actually November yet in some parts of the world. But it has officially started for me, and I'm ready! =D

I'm so excited and nervous! Must win! Must win! MUST win!

But more about this later.

I went to Swensen's today with the gang, after a long hiatus from our usual Earthquake day. It was great seeing the guys again, I've missed them. Everyone is getting hitched and spending all their time with their significant others that they've no time for me anymore. =(

Btw, did I mention that Fei kokor is getting married? Sighz....everyone's getting hitched for life, and I'm so left out! I always thought I'd be one of the first to get married and now everyone's getting married before me.

It's really scary that I'm feeling the pressure to get married now, just after my 24th birthday. I thought most girls nowadays would only think about marriage at age 27 and above, but apparently I was wrong.

I mean, it's different for me because I have specific reasons for wanting to get married young, mostly to do with my own health and the health of my children. (My dad's a nutritionist, I've been brought up with a whole different set of outlook on health and healthy living, which is a looooong story, so don't be surprised at my decision til you understand health. =P) But there's also another part of me which would only want to get married after I've travelled the world and achieved world peace, settling down maybe in my 30s.

So why is everyone around me in such a hurry to get married? I thought it was just me. Is it just this particular group of friends? Because so far, they're all from the same group. All my other groups of friends are still happily single but unavailable. LOL!

Oh well...all the better for me I guess. When I do get married, (Which will be soon!!! Hopefully... Blek!) and have kids, all my friends be having kids too, then our children can play together happily.

I am such a desperado...

Sighz...*shakes head at self*