Wednesday, January 10, 2007

No Internet, No Life

Anyway, I know I haven't blogged much while most people are already getting back on the internet with no problems. But *sigh*... let's see...

First, my modem had problems, so I couldn't go online.

Then, my modem got fixed, but the internet lines were down coz of the earthquake in Taiwan, so I couldn't go online.

Then, the lines are getting fixed slowly, and everyone got back online, but my modem went down again, so I couldn't go online.

Then, my brother did something to the modem(whatever, I'm technology illiterate) and now only my dad's computer is connected to the net, and there's not even a tiny little bit of connection to my computer, so I can't go online unless I use my dad's comp, which means I have to squeeze in the times when dad and bro isn't around, coz they get first dibs.


There's been so many things I wanted to blog about!!!!!

Like how I got drunk on New Year's and kissed a dozen or so guys and another half dozen girls and groped at all of them, esp. the girls, and got slapped a couple of times by the not so sporting girls, the guys kinda liked it, so... !!

Ok, I'm joking, obviously. LOL! But it could've been true, and no one would've known. Because I couldn't blog about it!!


How did we ever survive without the net a decade ago?

Well, I will try to hang in there while waiting for someone to do something about the connection, so hang in there with me too, dear readers. In the meantime, I'll try to squeeze in a little post whenever I do get to go online.

There's still hope! =)