Tuesday, January 30, 2007

We Had A Blast!

Well, our company's annual dinner was a blast. And our performance was a hit! =D It was the favourite of the night.

I'm not sure when the video will be out yet (they hired professionals to film it), but when it's ready, I'll post it up. For now, you'll just have to be content with a written description of the performance.

So anyway, my brother was the one who came up with the brilliant idea for our performance. We'd have a Walton Idol auditions, like all the American Idol ones, and end with one of the 'auditioners' starting the original song which Lone and I wrote, and everyone else will join in from the first chorus.

Altogether we had nine 'auditioners', the last one being Lone, who would start the song, coz he's playing the guitar. So anyway, we replicated almost everything, our host, Jin, was given the alias, Ryan Jin-crest. Our judges, Remus Chong, Tatiana Solibun, and Joel See, were given the alias, Randy Chong, Paula Solibun, and Simon See-well, respectively. *wink*

Our first contestant called herself Chinny Chin, she came all the way from China and sang a Chinese opera song for her audition, when the judges asked her to sing an English number, she sang the same exact song, translated into English. LOL! Unfortunately, she didn't make it to Hollywood.

Our second contestant was Sister Connie, a singing nun who came from the abbey and was in search of a man to love. She sang 'I Will Follow Him' and followed our host, Ryan Jin-crest, around the whole stage, hoping that he may be the one for her. She too, didn't make the cut.

Our third contestant, Spice Boy was the most energetic and flamboyant contestant, he was a huge fan of the Spice Girls; he looked like Scary Spice, admired Posh Spice and sang like... um.... Tone-deaf Spice. He sang 'Wannabe', dancing around the VIP tables and asking them all if they wanted to be his lover. He also showed us some really interesting moves, his interpretation of how Posh Spice danced... you'd have to see this, words cannot describe it.

Our fourth contestant was Paulina, who was a huge fan of Paula Solibun's, she sang The Archie's 'Sugar Sugar' substituting the 'sugar' for Paula. Being such a fan, she generously decided to share the lollipop she was licking with Paula, who declined quite violently, I must say. Paula's violent reaction unfortunately hurt Paulina's feelings, and she burst out crying. Randy Chong got up to console her, thinking to cop a feel at the same time. Paulina wasn't falling for it though, and she gave Randy a good kick in the balls. Randy doubled over, groaning about 'his precious'.

Our fifth contestant, Betty Clarkson(me!), was a professional singer, and after no luck with any of the previous contestants, the judges' hopes were raised. She sang 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow', knowing that it was Simon See-well's favourite song. She sang beautifully, but suddenly missed all the notes after the first two lines. The judges were shocked, what happened? Betty Clarkson answered that she had had a rough two weeks, she'd been down with the flu, a sore throat, cough, and fever. Her dog died, her mother ran away with another woman, and her father got pregnant. Paula must have sympathized with her, because she argued with Simon that Betty should get another chance. While they were arguing, Betty sang another one of Simon's favourite songs, 'Unchained Melody'. All the notes were off, and she wouldn't stop although they told her many times too. She ended up being escorted out by security, still singing off-key all the way out.

Our sixth contestant was lizard-phobic Yong Yong Zak, from Japan, he sang a song entitled, 'Feelings' which started off well, but ended with him pulling out his samurai sword and singing, 'Cicak(lizard) on the ceiling.' Too bad he was kick out for posession of a dangerous weapon because of his phobia.

Our seventh contestant was the only one who made it through to Hollywood. Pussy Doll, which according to her, was actually spelled, P-O-O-S-E-E, she performed a very tentilating dance while singing the Pussycat Doll's hit song, 'Doncha'. Randy Chong and Simon See-well were very suitably impressed, though Paula Solibun seemed unmoved. Paula brought up the fact that Poosee had just turned 40 the week before -although with the help of Botox, implants, and her plastic surgeon, she didn't look a day over 25- and so should be disqualified from the competition. Randy and Simon thought Poosee would be a great candidate for the Walton Idol title though, so they both voted her in.

Our eighth contestant was none other than the notorious Dallas Hung(my brother)! He skipped school to sing for Walton Idol, which his parents would not be happy to know, but showed his dedication to music. He sang Ricky Martin's 'She Bangs' complete with really awkward but cute moves. Unfortunately, Simon See-well thought that he couldn't sing, he couldn't dance, so what did he want Simon to say? Our admirable Dallas Hung replied that he did his best, and he had no regrets at all, and also that he had no professional training at all. Simon said that must be the surprise of the century.

Our final contestant, A-Lone, got his turn at last, he was so eager to sing and kept saying that over and over. The judges asked why did he think he could be the next Walton Idol, and he replied that he could sing all the high notes, and also the low notes. They laughed, and asked him what about the middle notes. So he fixed up his guitar, and proceeded to show them.

Here's where our *original* song started! Lone played the intro and sang the first verse, while the rest of us, hiding behind the curtains, waited for the chorus. When he hit the chorus, Willie came in with the drums, Melanie with keyboards, and the rest of us sang. This is one performance I can't describe either, and you'd have to see it for yourself. I'll post up the video soon, I promise! As soon as I get it from the powers that be. =D It's really great, and it was the talk of the whole company(so I was told...=D). In fact, I even got an offer from the sound guy to intro me to someone he knew who was in the music business, and who might be interested to listen to the song and maybe making a recording of it. Whoa!! *proud* =D

Ok, it's unfair of me to tease you guys so, isn't it. You'll really have to watch the video. I promise I'll post it up soon!!