Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I love Blake!

I love Blake Lewis!! =D

Just wanted to say that.

He is so talented!! I love his creativity, his musical sense, his moves, his style...

I think I'm in love.... *dreamy sigh*

Seriously... what an awesomely talented musician...

If anyone knows his number, please let me know k. I'll make sure you get invited to our Christmas dinners after we're married. ;)


On a serious note though, I think Melinda is the best singer of them all, and she deserves to win. She's got the best control, which I really respect. A powerful voice, which is definitely good in AI. She really makes you *feel* the song, she's never given a single boring performance, and you're constantly amazed at what she can do with her voice.

Yeah sure, she's a little challenged on the looks department, but this isn't a beauty contest after all. And when it comes to singing, she is the best out of everyone that has ever been in AI in the last six seasons.

She probably won't sell the most records, I think Blake will sell a lot more than her, but giving credit where credit is due... Melinda is *the* best.

My other favourites are Jordin Sparks and Chris Sligh. I think Jordin has huge potential, I love her voice. And Chris is a musical performer and just really likable.

Most of the others are boring... and I think it's time for Sanjaya to go home.