Saturday, March 03, 2007

Inte-ces-ting Article

It's early in the morning, and I'm still awake.

I've just stayed up reading a book(chick-lit just for entertainment, mind you), and I thought I was sleepy but I just couldn't get to sleep. So here I am, blogging...about nothing in particular.

Why do people get insomnia?

So anyway, I came online for a while, to browse some sites and try to bore myself to sleep, but I came across an article about incest between a brother and a sister. The brother was adopted into another family, and only met his sister after he went looking for his birth family. So yeah, they knew they were related when they started the relationship.

Go here to read the full story.

It got me thinking, you know. I mean, I would never ever *EVER* wanna be with my brother. Ick. Yuck. Puke.

And I don't really approve of the above story, since they had four kids, two of which are disabled.

But we've seen too many movies and read too many stories about brothers and sisters who were adopted, meeting each other, falling in love, and later finding out they're related. (I've written a story based on this plot myself.) And you really wonder, what if? What if the person you're in love with was your parent's lovechild from long ago? What if you found out you were adopted and it turned out the person you love is related to you? What would you do?

Could you really give up the love of your life? Just because he or she happened to be related to you?

Let's remember why there are laws against incest in the first place; firstly, inbreeding causes deterioration of genes, and there will be a higher chance of inbred children being disabled; secondly, prevention of rape between brother-sister/father-daughter/etc... the caregivers being the one to hurt you.

With the second point: in any case, rape is a crime, whether it's between strangers or between relatives. So that's kind of a weak point. If a person is going to be a rapist, they wouldn't care whether they raped a relative or a stranger, they'd still be committing the same crime.

I believe that everyone has a right to happiness, as long as they don't hurt anyone else. So if siblings loved each other romantically, if they wanted a relationship and they are both consenting adults, I think they should be able to love each other.

Some people might think that it's an unnatural union, that siblings aren't meant to be together, but honestly why not? I mean, it wasn't that long ago that we thought gays and lesbians were unnatural unions(maybe some of us still think that way), but we've accepted them, and some places have even legalized marriage between gays and lesbians. So why not siblings, if they love each other?

But like I said, everyone should have a right to be happy, but not if they hurt others, so while I think incest might be ok, I don't think that they should have children. It's unfair and irresponsible to have children when you know there's a very high chance that they could be disabled.

Gays and lesbians obviously can't have kids together, but they can adopt. And many 'normal' couples who have a history of hereditory diseases have chosen not to have kids too, and adopt instead. So why not allow siblings to love each other and be together, if they are both happy, consenting adults, and they have chosen to adopt instead of having their own kids? Why not, honestly?